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  • M Taylor posted an update 3 months ago

    “Preaching” by David Overdorf is a great read for any preacher or teacher (regardless of experience level) wanting to better communicate the Bible in a simpler (but not simplistic) way. Around 240 pages, the book addresses many topics, including:

    – Preach according to the unique way God created you (in other words, just be yourself instead of copying others).

    – Suggestions for preaching on the various biblical literary forms (gospels, history, prophetical, proverbs, psalms, etc.) – this was a particularly helpful section.

    – Think of your audience when preparing a message (walk in their shoes and try to understand what they are going through).

    – To avoid plagiarism, credit your source when saying a quote instead of taking the credit.

    – Suggestions for using research to avoid plagiarism (quote someone when making a point).

    – The most effective way sermon focuses on a single idea (use the rifle instead of shotgun approach).

    – 4 things that help the pastor focus on a sermon’s single point.

    – Description of inductive and deductive sermons.

    – Stages of telling a story during a sermon.

    – Suggestions for a good introduction.

    What I like about this book:

    – Easy to read and understand (no need to make this subject too complex).

    – Smooth flow from chapter to chapter (very easy to follow).

    – Covers a good variety of appropriate topics on the subject of preaching.

    – Helpful end of chapter exercises that help reinforce learning about the topic being covered.

    – Good scripture index.

    – Helpful appendices.

    – Well-organized (not a choppy read).

    The book is appropriate for the seasoned or new preacher, teaching a Sunday School class or Bible study, or anyone interested in the topic of preaching or teaching. Will be a very helpful future reference and recommended.

    I was given a review copy by Kregel in exchange for a fair review and appreciate the opportunity.

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