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  • M Taylor posted an update 7 months, 3 weeks ago

    “From Prisoner To Prince” is a great read on the biblical character of Joseph in the biblical book of Genesis and how the importance of Joseph’s story is throughout the Bible. Since Joseph is one of my favorite Bible characters and Joseph is my middle name, I wanted to read and review the book.

    Just under 150 pages, the book addresses many topics on the subject, including:

    – How Joseph is a type of Christ in the Bible.

    – Definition of biblical typology and examples.

    – In depth summary of Joseph’s story in Genesis 37-50.

    – How Joseph fits into God’s covenant with His people.

    – Other ways Joseph’s story is mentioned in other parts of the Bible (Psalm 105, Acts 7, Hebrews 11, etc.).

    I have enough of the book and like the following:

    – Not a thick book (may be completed in a few sittings).

    – While an academic book, the title is not overly technical and relatively easy to read and understand.

    – Very good bibliography for further reading on Joseph.

    – Comprehensive scriptural index.

    – Good descriptions of how Joseph’s story is weaved throughout the Bible.

    Overall, a good read and recommended for anyone interested in learning more about the biblical character of Joseph. I was given a review copy by IVP in exchange for a fair review and appreciate the opportunity.