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  • M Taylor posted an update 9 months, 1 week ago

    “On Worship” is a great read for anyone interested in corporate worship in the church. Around 170 pages, some of the great points covered include:

    – The importance of worshipping God on His terms (He is God and we are not!).
    – Instead of making an idol of God, we must see Him as He is.
    – Engaging our whole being (mind, emotions, will, body, etc.) when worshipping God.
    – Characteristics of Spirit-filled Chrisians.
    – Part of submitting to God’s authority in our lives is being involved in a local church.
    – Having a high view of God results in wise stewardship of the brief time we have on earth.
    – Reason why we should consistently give financially to God.
    – Several reasons why we should participate in corporate church worship.
    – Ultimately, everything is about Jesus Christ!

    A very good read – inspiring, challenging, and encouraging, and recommended. Will be read again and another great title by H.B. Charles!

    I was given a review copy by Moody Publishers in exchange for a fair review and appreciate the opportunity.