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  • M Taylor posted an update 9 months, 1 week ago

    “What’s Big Starts Small” is a good read for anyone wanting to strengthen and grow their faith in Jesus Christ. The book focuses on 6 threats to our faith and practical strategies for overcoming them. While not a self-help book that floods the “Christian” market, the author does make it clear that the reader is responsible for the quality of their walk with Jesus Christ.

    Around 200 pages, the book covers many great points, including:

    – Pride causes us to make objections to the that we are the exception and that pride does not apply to us.

    – 3 affirmations of God that can help us overcome pride.

    – 7 truths that Christians love and non-Christians don’t like.

    – Good weekly schedule that we can use to see much time we spend on a particular area and activity in our lives.

    – 7 promises that money makes to us.

    – 7 facts about money that we may not be aware of.

    – 5 ways to help our spiritual growth.

    – Ways that our wants can get in the way of spiritual maturity.

    – Suggestions for while we wait.

    A good and practical read, good balance of spiritual and practical insights, smooth flow from chapter to chapter, and a good encourage and challenge to grow strong in our walk with Jesus Christ. Recommended.

    I was given a copy in exchange for a fair review and appreciate the opportunity.