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    “Revelation Through Old Testament Eyes” is another great entry in the “Through Old Testament Eyes” series by Kregel Academic. In a day when some in the Christian community minimize the Old Testament so much that the Old Testament books are either marginalized or even totally ignored in sermons, Bible studies, etc., this series is a welcomed challenge to this disturbing trend.

    Before diving into the Book of Revelation, this commentary covers some important topics, including:

    – Reasons why the Old Testament must be referenced.
    – How the Book Of Revelation is structured.
    – Helpful introductory outline/overview of Revelation.

    By structuring the title this way, the reader better understands the Book Of Revelation before diving into the commentary. After reading several chapters of this book, there are many things to like, including:

    – Not a book written by professors for professors, but a book written by a professor for anyone wanting to learn more about the Book of Revelation, whether a pastor, teacher, or layperson. Title is very helpful for sermon/Bible study/personal study preparation.
    – Many notes on how a passage or chapter of Revelation relates to a passage in the Old Testament (i.e., God is on the throne – Psalms/1 Kings/Ezekiel, The 10 Commandments, people of many nations as mentioned in Genesis 12:3, how Revelation relates to the Old Testament Book of Exodus, etc.). Indeed, the author (Temper Longman) does a fine job showing the strong connection between the Book Of Revelation and the Old Testament.
    – Sound exegesis of virtually every chapter and verse in Revelation. Goes into adequate detail of each verse.
    – Very helpful bibliography for further study.
    – Comprehensive Scripture index (including well over 1000 Old Testament verses that correlate with Revelation).
    – Several footnotes when a source is quoted (the author gives credit where credit is due).
    – Easy to read and understand and very well-organized.

    Great title and will be a very handy reference for anyone wanting to study the Book Of Revelation. Highly recommended. I was given a review copy by Kregel Academic in exchange for a fair review and appreciate the opportunity.