• M Taylor posted an update 4 months ago

    “The Great Quest” is a great title by Os Guinness on the importance of searching for the meaning of life. Around 120 pages, the author covers many topics to aid the reader in this search, including:

    – Reasons why people do not give serious thought to the meaning of life.

    – Different view on life’s meaning.

    – Four major phases in the seeker’s journey in discovering life’s meaning.

    – Different ways people are “jolted” or have life experiences that cause them to want to search for life’s meaning.

    – The three C’s (conceptual, critical, comparative) of searching for an answer.

    – The major families of faith in today’s world.

    – Reasons to be careful of relying too much on comparison.

    As with other Guinness titles, the book is thought-provoking, easy to follow and understand, flows smoothly and is not a choppy read, and will challenge the reader to think for him/herself. The book is a small title and easy to carry around will be read again. Highly recommended. I was given a review copy by IVP in exchange for a fair review and appreciate the opportunity.