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  • M Taylor posted an update 1 year, 5 months ago

    “Restless Devices” by Felicia Wu Song is a great title for anyone who wants to better use technology without using their personhood. The author covers many pertinent points, including:

    – The double-edged sword impact of technology on society.

    – Negative effects of heavy tech use.

    – Various ways technology can affect our relationships.

    – How taking a break from technology (short-term or long-term) helps use see how technology affects our human identity.

    – While we were created for communion with others, we are settling to only connecting with others on social media.

    – Thought-provoking questions to ask yourself in determining how technology is affecting your life.

    – Suggestions for how to manage your attention.

    – Ways God’s nature and presence in our lives can be overlooked when we focus too much on technology.

    What I like about this title:

    – Great coverage and width of topics related to technology.

    – While an academic title, is pretty easy to read and understand.

    – Smoothly transitions from chapter to chapter (does not bounce around without any rhyme or reason).

    – Good practical and spiritual insights.

    – Very timely and relevant read.

    Highly recommended and will be read again. I was given a review copy by IVP Academic in exchange for a fair review and appreciate teh opportunity.