• M Taylor posted an update 5 months, 3 weeks ago

    “Between Heaven And Hell” by Peter Kreeft is an imaginative and thought-provoking title on what a discussion between men of different religious viewpoints (CS Lewis, John Kennedy, and Aldous Huxley) may be like. Around 140 pages, the book is written in an interview format (each man saying a brief comment about a host of topics) and uses a lot of imagination on what each person’s response would be. While some people may not like this format, I enjoyed it. What I liked about the book:

    – Easy to read and follow.

    – Full of appropriate humor.

    – Liked the way the men respectfully talked to one another (unlike much of what we see in today’s culture!).

    – Covers a wide range of topics that address common objections to Christianity.

    – Good coverage on Jesus Christ.

    Good read and helpful apologetics title for the believer in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. Recommended. I was given a review copy by IVP in exchange for a fair review and appreciate the opportunity.