• M Taylor posted an update 2 months, 3 weeks ago

    In a day when many churches seem to be more focused on entertaining people and attracting a crowd, we seem to have lost some of the reverence for God Almighty in our worship services. The worship service is supposed to be about God, not us! Rory Norland’s “Transforming Worship” is a timely read on the subject.

    Around 180 pages, the book addresses many topics, including:

    – How the story of the Book of Exodus can transform today’s worship services.

    – Helpful template for using for present day worship services.

    – Examples from the Bible where church services edified believers and evangelized unbelievers.

    – How worship helps in our spiritual formation and maturity.

    – Ways a church can create and encourage reverence in a worship service.

    – Jesus valued prayer in worship.

    – Learning how to pray at church.

    – The need for public scripture reading in a worship service.

    What I liked about the book:

    – Covered a variety of relevant topics (the ones listed above are just a few examples).

    – Easy to read, follow, and understand.

    – Good spiritual and practical insights.

    – Good emphasis on reverence in the worship service.

    – Thoughtful questions to ask yourself in having a more reverent worship service.

    Very good read and will be read again. I was given a review by IVP in exchange for a fair review and appreciate the opportunity.