• M Taylor posted an update 3 months ago

    “Winsome Conviction” is a great read for anyone seeking guidance and wisdom on having convictions while at the same time not unnecessarily offending those who disagree with you (and yes, I think this is possible). Just under 200 pages, the title covers several topics, including:

    – 3 common beliefs about having strong convictions.

    – 4 principles to consider when dealing with conflicting convictions.

    – Unique challenges of having Christian convictions.

    – When it is best to part ways because there is no resolution or agreement about differing convictions.

    – Suggestions for making necessary separations within a church.

    – Benefits of being in a group that is good for us.

    – Ways to prevent groupthink (boy, is that a problem in churches, businesses, society in general, etc!).

    – Why civility is important when discussing a disagreement with someone (would be nice if political shows would follow this advice!).

    – Goals to achieve when bringing together people of different convictions.

    – How you can understand someone’s different convictions (yes, it is possible to understand someone’s point of view without agreeing with them!).

    What I like about the book:

    – Easy to read and understand the authors’ points.

    – The authors’ respect for people with different convictions from their own (the authors are somewhat conservative in their viewpoints and do not slam those with more liberal viewpoints).

    – Covers several relevant topics.

    – Well-thought out and well-organized book.

    – Like the examples of personal experiences (for example, the authors are pro-life and attended a pro-choice rally to better understand their point of view and way of thinking. When the authors came out of the conference, they were confronted by a group of pro-life protesters who got angry with them. Even when the authors explained they were pro-life and were only attending the conference to find out more how the pro-choice side thinks about the issue, the protesters continued to shout at and get angry with the authors!!!).

    Very timely read that is appropriate for a church, business, neighbors, etc., especially in today’s age! Highly recommended. I was given a review copy by IVP in exchange for a fair review and appreciate the opportunity.