• M Taylor posted an update 3 months, 1 week ago

    “Do Life Differently” by Jeff Reeter is a good read on living an extraordinary life. I very much like the author’s premise – live the life you are uniquely created to live. Indeed, in a day and age where there is much societal pressure to conform (whether at home, church, work, etc.) instead of being uniquely who you are, Reeter’s book is a refreshing encouragement and challenge to be yourself. As a committed follower of Jesus Christ, the author looks at this concept through the eyes of a believer. Indeed, Reeter and I have a common value system.

    The book is well-written, easy to understand, smoothly transitions from chapter to chapter, and has many examples of exhortation to be the unique person you are. I also like that the author likes to lead by example – I really like this leadership model in a day and age where many “leaders” challenge people with platitudes and exhortations and yet are not good examples themselves.

    My only real complaint with this book is, like an earlier reviewer, is the lack of practical examples. I have read other books on leadership, vision, dreams, goals, etc. where the author gives many, many practical examples and applications on how to apply the topic being discussed in a specific chapter of the book. Unfortunately, in my opinion, “Do Life Differently” is very long on exhortations and challenges and short on practical applications. Would have like to have seen many more examples of application. If the author had included more, then I would give the book a 5-star rating.

    Comment aside, this is a good title for anyone who needs a heavy dose of encouragement and challenge to be the unique person they are created to be.