• M Taylor posted an update 2 months, 3 weeks ago

    “Wisdom From Babylon” is a great read for followers of Jesus Christ to engage the world without becoming like the world. Indeed, in a day and age when Christians either totally withdraw from culture or become like the culture, this book is a very timely read. Around 180 pages, the author addresses topics as:

    – 4 main responses Christians have towards the culture.
    – God’s judgment starts with His people.
    – Describing how voices from post-Christian Europe have engaged the culture.
    – How the messages of Old Testament prophets are still very relevant today.

    Many, many other topics are covered – the ones listed above are just enough to whet the reader’s appetite. There are many things to like about the title:

    – Very readable. While written by a university president, the title is easy to understand and is not full of empty theoretical concepts the average reader cannot understand or relate to.
    – As mentioned, like the variety of topics covered.
    – Very well organized book: the author includes voices of wisdom from the early church, minority churches, and even secularism.
    – The book is organized into two main sections: 1)understanding the times we live in now and from times past, 2) the church having the capacity for engaging the culture without becoming like the culture (hint: the church needs to act as the moral conscience of society).
    Enjoyed reading the book and will read again. Recommended.