• M Taylor posted an update 1 month ago

    While I like all of AW Tozer’s titles, “The Fire Of God’s Presence”, along with the Pursuit Of God and a few others, has to be among my favorites. The book covers Moses’ burning bush experience with God in the Book Of Exodus and covers many great points:

    – God doing His work through you in His power is infinitely better than our trying to do good things for Him in our own strength.
    – We don’t know ourselves because we refuse to be quiet and get alone with the Lord.
    – God wants to relieve us of the need to be self-confident and instead be confident in Him.
    – We get our significance through God and not our status or achievements.
    – We must be separate from the world without being isolated from the world.
    – God’s presence in our lives will lift us above our problems and difficulties.
    – Be careful of people who will lead you astray and away from God.

    As with other Tozer titles, the book is very readable, profound, convicting, and full of spiritual insights. Will definitely read again in the future! Highly recommended.