• M Taylor posted an update 1 month ago

    The books of Romans, 1 Corinthians, 2 Corinthians, and Galatians are very important books in the Bible because they address Christian doctrine and how to apply that doctrine to everyday life. I am currently temporarily filling as a a guest speaker at a small country church and speaking out of the Book of Romans.

    The ESV Expository Commentary: Romans-Galatians, is very helpful and there are many things to like about this title:

    – Good intro to each book (purpose, theme, date, author, etc.).
    – Clear exposition of verses and chapters in each book.
    – Helpful charts, maps, and other info to aid in your study of each book.
    – Helpful bibliography/reference for further study.

    In my humble opinion, expositional preaching/teaching is the best way to teach out of the Bible: forces the speaker to deeply study the Bible, address hard issues mentioned in the Bible, helps the congregation learn more about the Bible and the God Who wrote the Bible through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, and other advantages.

    This title will greatly aid the preacher, teacher, or person wanting to learn more about these books for either preaching, teaching a small group, or personal study. Recommended.