• M Taylor posted an update 2 weeks, 2 days ago

    “Enhancing Christian Life” is a good read for anyone wanting live in community with other Christian believers. In a day where some Christian believers want to live individualistically (they say they believe in Jesus Christ but do not attend and/or serve at church, keep their religion to themselves, etc.), we can grow stronger when living in community.

    The authors also describe different spiritual disciplines that can be lived in community (prayer, serving, interacting) either in church, neighborhood, relationships, etc. These chapters were insightful and helpful, especially as persecution of believers grow worldwide. Also liked the information on how our minds improve while living in Christian community.

    Would have liked to have seen more information and suggestions for finding other believers to grow with (for example, what are some characteristics you should look for in a Christian community to grow with, besides church – where are other sources of a potentially good community to be a part of, when is it time to leave the community you’re in if things are not clicking and to look for another community to be a part of, etc.). I say this because while I like to be in community with other believers, the results have been mixed – some groups I fit in well with while others were not a good fit. I also know other people who have had the some problem. In summary, while living in a Christian community is preferable, it needs to be a group that truly cares about you and not just see you as an extension of themselves or value you only for what you can do for others instead of being a person who is precious to Jesus Christ.

    Comment aside, still a good read and will be read again. Recommended.