• M Taylor posted an update 2 weeks, 2 days ago

    “Finishing Well” by Ian Knox is a really good read for anyone preparing for the transition into the later seasons of life. As many people worldwide transition into this chapter of their lives, the book is a timely read. Many things to like:

    – Very readable and easy to understand.
    – Good balance of the spiritual and practical.
    – Learning new skills and continuing learning into the later stages of life.
    – Don’t spend the later stages of your life wasting time and taking it easy – grow!
    – The reality aging and how to do with it.
    – Be persistent as you grow older and enjoy your life as a gift from God.
    – The reality of death and for the Christian, a transition into a glorious and eternal future.

    Many helpful thoughts and suggestions in this title and will read again as I prepare for later life. Recommended.