• M Taylor posted an update 4 months, 1 week ago

    “Character Matters” is a good timely read for anyone interested in the topic of character. While written by a pastor for those in the ministry, the book is an appropriate read for anyone in a position of influence. Around 180 pages, the author addresses many topics, including:

    – Our life’s aim is to glorify God and let Him produce spiritual fruit through us for Christ.
    – 4 ways to grow in your love for others.
    – To find joy means not looking for it directly. Instead, let it be a by-product of walking with Jesus and serving others.
    – True peace is found only in Jesus Christ.
    – The importance of patience in the ministry.
    – God often works slowly, but surely.
    – Ways we can grow in our kindness towards others.
    – The more we realize that only God is truly good, the less we will brag about our good works.
    – Being meek is not being weak.

    The title is very readable, full of good insights, and is a good balance of the author’s experiences and biblical examples. Good reference for anyone in the ministry or interested in developing their character. Recommended.