• M Taylor posted an update 4 months, 3 weeks ago

    In the newest edition of “Victory Over The Darkness”, Neil Anderson has written yet another excellent book on how a Christian can experience the spiritual victory found only in Christ.
    Around 220 pages, Anderson covers many topics, including:

    1. We are special in God’s eyes because of who God is.
    2. Difference between godly goals and godly desires.
    3. Principles for winning the battle for your mind.
    4. Better to express our emotions to God than to dump on others.
    5. How to respond when you are criticized.
    6. Levels of Christian maturity.
    7. The object of our faith is most important.
    8. Walking in the spirit vs. walking in the flesh.

    In this edition, Anderson adds the results of people going through the “Freedom In Christ” repentance process that reinforces the points he makes in his book. Read and be encouraged to experience victory in Christ!