• M Taylor posted an update 1 month, 1 week ago

    “Why Would Anyone Go To Church?” is a good read and encouragement for anyone who has had a past bad experience with church and still wants to somehow fit in somewhere. Some examples of people feeling like they don’t belong in church (and some have happened to me personally, but I still attend church) include:

    – Christian country club atmosphere for the elite and the common folk are left out of “the club”.
    – Church being nothing more than a place of busy activity where people really don’t get to know one another outside church activity.
    – Being valued for what you can do than for who you are as a precious person created by Jesus Christ.
    – Others trying to make you feel guilty for you not wanting to be involved in a particular church activity or ministry.
    – People using the church to enhance their business or standing in the community.

    There are other examples. The book is an encouragement to those who want to be part of a local group of believers. The title is well-written, contains examples from the author’s own life, other people, and characters from the Bible, and has some good insights on how to make church more welcoming. Some of the examples I liked include: sharing meals, having Sunday afternoon naps (instead of treating Sunday as another “busy day” during the week), the church being a place where we can be ourselves instead of acting like a phony, and participating in each others’ lives instead of just on Sunday.

    Now, if only the church can start acting more like a true church (being truly concerned about others, leaving margin in your life for other people, friendships, etc.) so the world may sit up and take notice. Good read.