• M Taylor posted an update 1 month, 1 week ago

    “Anyone But Me” is a good read for anyone looking for another way to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with unbelievers. Around 180 pages, the book centers around 10 suggestions for overcoming your fears for sharing the Good News. Many topics are covered, including:

    – Reducing your spending on personal pleasure and use more money to support missions or buying gift cards for people you share the gospel with.
    – Despite our frailties, God can us for His glory.
    – Be sensitive and alert for witnessing opportunities around you.
    – The reality of spiritual warfare.
    – Instead of getting off on tangents, focus on sharing the gospel.
    – Keep your spiritual guard up – the devil is always on the prowl.
    – The importance of standing strong in the Bible (read it daily, memorize verses, meditate, etc.).
    – Before sharing the gospel with strangers or known unbelievers, practice on yourself or other believers.
    – Be careful of arguing with someone over the gospel.
    – Using your time wisely to share the gospel instead of wasting time on frivolous activities.

    The book is readable, has good insights on strengthening yourself in sharing the gospel, and is full of the author’s experiences and techniques used in sharing the gospel. While my preferred method is to establish relationships with people before sharing the gospel or attending evangelism training (Evangelism Explosion, FAITH, etc.), Ray Comfort has some good points and techniques to consider. Good read.