• M Taylor posted an update 2 weeks, 3 days ago

    “Get Your Mind Right” by Todd Durkin is a good read for anyone wanting to improve their physical and mental state. Durkin rightly notes that the two are connected and we must work on both areas for sound physical and mental health. Around 230 pages, many topics and points are covered, including:

    – Points to remember for getting your mind right.
    – Good rules to create for your life.
    – Steps for improving your focus.
    – Tactics for managing your time each day.
    – 10 steps for improving your overall physical and mental strength.
    – Reasons why drinking plenty of water is good for you.
    – Ways to have a good night’s sleep.

    The book is a good balance of practical tips, spiritual insights, and sound practices to follow for better mental and physical strength. The author writes from a Christian perspective and is respectful of those who are not believers. The title is also easy to read, smoothly transitions from chapter to chapter and point to point, and is not just another book full of motivational hype.

    The only drawback I see is that the author spends the first 1/3 of the book describing his own struggles, surgeries, and obstacles. Why it’s good to add a personal touch to a book (instead of just listing points and principles to follow), I would have liked to have seen less. When Durkin gets to the suggestions and insights in the last 2/3 of the title, then the book is great!

    Having less personal stories and more practical and spiritual insights and I would happily give the book 5 stars. Recommended.