• M Taylor posted an update 1 month, 3 weeks ago

    “Men On Fire” is a good read on the concept on manhood in our society and how important the idea is for our culture, contrary to what others may think. Around 170 pages, the book covers many areas on the subject, including:

    – Heritage – contrary to what an earlier reviewer stated, remembering and knowing about our heritage can greatly help us in establishing our identity. Many examples are included in the Bible of people remembering that they are God’s people and the need to act accordingly. Also, in today’s society many blacks are recalling their roots in slavery and how remembering this legacy helps them establish their own identity. Doing so helps blacks know that despite the unfortunate legacy of slavery, many, many blacks have greatly contributed to our nation in many areas: religion, government, business, education, etc.

    – Other areas covered include: destiny, God, friendship, love, legacy, rituals, and fighting a battle worth fighting.

    – Ways men have been portrayed in media (i.e., woman/child abusers, weak-kneed, cowardly, selfish, etc.).

    Some of the points covered include:

    – 7 suggested areas of prayer for men to pray about.

    – 5 points to remember when living out your destiny.

    – Importance of having helpful rituals in your life.

    – Reasons why church can be a turnoff for men. The author then goes into detail on how men can become a more important part of churches.

    – Reasons why men need to live the life God has called them to.

    The author also includes a suggested reading list so men may learn more about the nobility of manhood. The title is very readable, smoothly transitions from chapter to chapter, and is a good balance of the author’s experiences, biblical examples, and practical suggestions. Good read and future reference. Recommended