• M Taylor posted an update 2 months ago

    “Reborn” by Clayton King is a good title describing various encounters Bible characters had with Jesus, what happened in their lives, and how the positive changes apply to us today. The author takes 12 Bible characters, some of whom include:

    – Nicodemus
    – Woman at the well
    – Little boy at the feeding of the 5000
    – Zacchaeus
    – Demon possessed man
    – Thief on the cross
    – Woman caught in adultery
    – Judas
    – And other characters

    In each chapter the author:

    – Describes the context in which the person encountered Jesus
    – The person’s life before meeting Jesus
    – The person’s life after meeting Jesus
    – The central point in each chapter
    – How the central point applies to our lives today

    King’s writing style is engaging, practical, and encourages the reader to let Jesus Christ, through the Holy Spirit, take control of our lives. After all, if we can trust Jesus for our eternal destination, can we not also trust Him for our life on earth?

    Good and encouraging and challenging read.