• M Taylor posted an update 1 year ago

    “Good Man” is a good read for men in a day and age when males are often portrayed as brutish or weak, dumb or condescending, controlling or indifferent, etc. The author goes against the grain by listing what he thinks are good traits for a man to have. The traits can be found in some way in the Bible, some of the traits include:

    – Being adventurous.
    – Devout and loving God.
    – Showing brotherly love towards other men.
    – Serving others.
    – Living simply (not living like a drama king or bringing attention to yourself).

    The book is very readable, consists of around 10-15 pages per chapter, contains good questions to ask and ponder, and a suggested prayer about the trait being addressed. The author is young and the book is appropriate for men of all ages. Can be used for personal or small group study. Good read.