• M Taylor posted an update 1 year ago

    In a day and age when the pressure for teenagers to conform to this world is very great, “Love Riot” is a good read for teenagers to go against the grain and instead be conformed to Jesus Christ. Around 200 pages, the author covers many topics for teenagers to ponder, including:

    – The happiness offered by the world is a counterfeit and is not lasting.
    – See life as so much more than just “having fun”. While having fun is good, don’t go overboard and make that your life’s ultimate goal. Instead, seek to become more like Christ.
    – Importance of letting Jesus Christ run your life – He knows what’s best for you!
    – Intentionally spend time alone with Jesus Christ and studying God’s Word.
    – Let God be in the center of your relationships.
    – Different ways we can waste our time on frivolous things having no eternal value.
    – Loving and serving others in Jesus’ name and for God’s glory.

    Very good read and challenge for teens to live for God’s glory while also enjoying life. Recommended.