• M Taylor posted an update 2 months, 2 weeks ago

    “The Vision Driven Leader” is a great read for anyone who wants to craft a vision or improve an existing vision for their organization. Whether a business, nonprofit, government, etc. the book is an appropriate for the leader in any setting. Around 220 pages, many topics are covered, including:

    – The difference between leaders and managers.
    – 10 questions to ask yourself in developing and casting a vision.
    – 6 problems faced by leaders who lack vision.
    – The difference between mission and vision.
    – Suggestion for developing a vision.
    – 5 steps for getting clarity for your vision.
    – 4 characteristics of an inspiring vision.
    – 5 elements that link strategy and productivity.
    – 3 necessary traits for overcoming challenges to your vision.
    – 5 steps in developing a vision script.

    As with other Hyatt titles, the book is very readable, to the point, and smoothly transitions from chapter to chapter. While the book can be used for your own personal vision, the title seems best for an organizational vision. Recommended.