• M Taylor posted an update 3 months ago

    “The Leadership Formula” is a good read for anyone in church leadership who wants to either become a more effective servant or find potential servants in a local church. Around 180 pages, the book addresses many topics on the subject, including:

    – The importance of making decisions for the right reason instead of popular opinion.
    – Jesus’ leadership style differs from the world.
    – Importance of credibility in leadership.
    – Identifying and developing church servants requires time and patience.
    – Leaders must exercise self-control in their lives.
    – 3 areas of conviction we need to develop in ourselves and those we are discipling.
    – Time will reveal those who are potential leaders.
    – 3 goals in working with other pastors in your local church.
    – Reasons why we should be willing to suffer for Jesus’ sake.

    The book is very readable, a good balance of spiritual and practical insights, and smoothly transitions from chapter to chapter. I also like the many references throughout the book that the pastor must exercise humble leadership. The concept contradicts the world’s style of “leadership” and challenges the leadership styles in some churches. However, the point is well-taken, especially when we hear of leadership abuses in the church, government, business, etc. Very sobering, especially when considering someday we will all one day meet Jesus Christ in all of His glory and give an account of our lives to him.

    Very good read and will be a helpful future reference.