• M Taylor posted an update 3 months, 1 week ago

    “They Shall Expel Demons” is an interesting and informative read on the reality of demons and the work they do in this world. As a committed Christian, I focus most of my thoughts on Jesus Christ. However, I find it helpful to know a little about the enemy and what they do to attack and persecute God’s children. Around 350 pages, many topics are covered, including:

    – Descriptions of demons in the Bible.

    – The ways Jesus Christ dealt with demons in the Bible.

    – Deliverance from demon oppression.

    – Discerning whether a sickness is or is not from a demon.

    – Common questions people ask about demons.

    – Personality characteristics of a demon.

    – 7 types of weaknesses demons exploit to enter a person’s life.

    – Whether or not believers in Jesus Christ need to be delivered from demons.

    – Different types of demonic activity.

    – How to prepare for deliverance from demons.

    The book is very readable, informative, and smoothly transitions from chapter to chapter. While readers may differ with the author on some points and conclusions, the book is still a good read on the reality of demonic activity in our world. A timely read, especially in today’s world.