• M Taylor posted an update 3 months, 1 week ago

    “The Spiritually Vibrant Home” by Don Everts is a great read for anyone wanting to establish strong spiritual roots in their home. Around 190 pages, the title may be completed in a few sittings and covers such topics as:

    – What a spiritually vibrant home looks like.
    – What makes for a spiritually vibrant home.
    – What the Bible says about households.
    – How spiritually vibrant homes help us relate to God.
    – How we can help our households relate to God.
    – Ways a spiritually vibrant home helps the members better relate to one another.
    – Helping your home have spiritual conversations.
    – How the home can help us better relate to the world around us.

    Very readable and full of good spiritual and practical insights, the book is an excellent reference for anyone wanting to build strong spiritual roots.