• M Taylor posted an update 3 months, 1 week ago

    Vince Bantu’s title “A Multitude Of All Peoples” is a good read that refutes the belief that Christianity is a white person’s religion. Around 240 pages, the book is organized as follows:

    – Introduction where the author states his main purpose is to correct the mistaken belief that Christianity is only for white people and excludes other ethnicities. While terrible acts have been committed in the name of God by Western Christianity, these examples were based on incorrect interpretations of the Bible.
    – Description of how Christianity grew in Western Europe and Western politics.
    – Examples of Christianity’s growth into Africa and continues to this day.
    – Christianity’s explosive growth in the Middle East and other places like Persia.
    – Concluding points: Christianity’s beginning was not associated with white supremacy, Christianity’s relevance in all cultures, the importance of having local people in a given culture act as leaders instead of having foreigners lead a culture, etc.

    The book is well-written, scholarly, and presents a strong refutation to the false belief that Christianity is only for whites. Good read.