• M Taylor posted an update 3 months, 1 week ago

    “Defying The Holocaust” is a very sobering read on the horrible treatment of Jews and other types of people during the Holocaust and descriptions of several types of Christian who protected them during that time. Just over 230 pages, the book contains 3 main sections:

    – Introduction – 12 categories of people especially singled out for extermination (Jews, disabled, Russian prisoners, homosexuals, Christians who defied the Nazi regime, mentally ill, etc.).
    – Time of the Holocaust – starting with Hitler’s rise to power in 1933 to Adolph Eichmann’s execution in 1962.
    – Description of Christians from different backgrounds and how they helped the targeted people during the Holocaust.

    The book is very sobering and covers many details of the atrocities committed and many acts of heroism conducted to protect people. I especially liked reading about Corrie ten Boom and her family’s work to protect Jews and others in The Netherlands at much personal cost.

    The book is well-written, understandable, and presents a sobering picture of an event that some world leaders and others try to deny that ever happened. Excellent read and reminder that similar events can happen today and in the future if nothing is done to stop criminals from committing these atrocities. Recommended.