• M Taylor posted an update 3 months, 2 weeks ago

    While “Spiritual Conversations With Children” is targeted mainly towards children, the book is a helpful read for engaging people of all ages. Around 150 pages, the title addresses such topics as:

    – 3 influences on human spiritual development.
    – 4 elements that can shape a child’s relationship with the Trinity.
    – Listening to others with our whole selves and without distraction.
    – Suggestions for structuring your time with and listening to a child.
    – Suggested topics for conversations with God, others, and yourself.
    – Actions required for productive spiritual conversations with children.
    – Practical suggestions at the end of each chapter.

    Well-written, easily understandable, and transitions smoothly from chapter to chapter, the book is a helpful aid for establishing and improving communication and listening skills with people of all ages.