• Vanessa Mathews Walters posted an update 1 week ago

    I am a avid question asker. Does that sound weird? I think not! I come across different people every day from all back grounds. I always learn new things from these encounters. There could be a single word said differently than my pronunciation. A single phrase that peeks my interest. My course mind always wants to know what you know.
    A little back ground on me. I was raised in the deep south and when I say deep I mean the next town is Tallahassee, Fl. My little town is Ochlocknee, Ga population is less than 500. On the out skirts of Thomasville, Ga, where I went to school. I was a heavily sheltered child. My best friends were my Boom box, mix tape (I could record over) and the Top 40 Count Down. I became a famous singer in my mind. If my parents didn’t know you I wasn’t allowed to speak to you. Family was always huge. There would be things my family would say or do and if the topic didn’t meet my mother’s approval It wasn’t discussed with me. I of course became to most curious child. I always wanted to be that thrill seeker but those thrills came through the radio or from people stories I would catch while my parents weren’t around. Mind you my parents are the best parents ever. They did an amazing job rounding me up like a little curious bull and keeping me in eyes line. As an adult I keep the idea that I don’t know for a reason. After 32 years on this planet, I meet my soulmate. A man who says its ok to ask questions, not know things and even with limited education under my belt learn. So, I ask questions daily as well as learn. This blog will give you insight to my thoughts and even answers to my questions. I also open this blog up to your questions. So, lets start the conversation.

    • Monica replied 1 week ago

      Welcome to Thoughts Vanessa. You seem like you are going to fit in perfectly here. Looking forward to reading your blogs.