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    We do not see
    things as they are `* `
    We see them as we are * `

    • No wonder my world is all rosy 😉
      Hi Aguila.

      • Ha-Ha
        Great to SEE You Moni….
        Can I start calling you Rosie ?
        If so call You can
        Call me Billy– or ?
        Idol for short—
        Up, down, turn around, come on, Moni
        Hey! She gimme
        ONE LOVE – and I feel alright now
        I said don’t stop now, come on, Moni
        Come on, Moni , I said, “Yeah”
        One Love– 💖 !
        The Best Monica..
        Crazy Ol’…[Read more]

        • Monica replied 3 days ago

          So talented Aguila 😉
          I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

          • whatsoever things are true,
            whatsoever things are honest,
            whatsoever things are just,
            whatsoever things are pure,
            whatsoever things are lovely,
            whatsoever things are of good report;
            if there be any virtue, and if there
            be any praise, think on these things………
            And May Peace be with You !
            On this— Thanks- Giving Day –…[Read more]

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    We do not always get what we want.

  • Patience is not the ability to wait, but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting.

  • Growth is painful — change is painful — but nothing is as painful as staying stuck somewhere you don’t belong.

  • Who’s going to win the 2020 United States presidential election? Well thoughtsters??? Is this to heated of a topic?

    • I’m probably not voting again at this point unless once of them can convince me. these dam swing voters lol…

      • You HAVE to vote for something Ben. If your agenda isn’t being discussed or addressed with either of the parties find another cause that is important….like the Earth. We all need her. At least support this issue until your issue is making waves on either side. You think I might be bullying you? ;).

  • “Boy, I need a drink,” he exclaimed as he wiped his brow.
    How he wished he could grab a cold, refreshing beer after a long day’s work, but alas he has stopped drinking.
    As he reminisces about the good ol’ days of drinking and partying with his friends, he could not help but hear Bo Diddly, Waylon, and Willie as they sang the songs of his pas…[Read more]

    • I’m glad I never got that way with alcohol. These days I don’t even go near it.
      I always wonder why some people become dependant on alcohol; it’s a thing I’ve never understood.
      That aside, your story is disturbingly true.

  • Upside down Cake:
    Another boring, crazy day everything feeling grouchy. Hi, I just kissed llamas, monkeys, night owls, pillows, quilts, really silly, truly unbelievable, very well xylophones yell “Zebras!!!!”

    Zip your x-ray Willie, Victoria’s Umbrella tripped Sabrina; Robert quit picking on nice Michael! Lilly kissed Justin I heard Gretc…[Read more]

  • I sits down at the table as I bisect my food into large pieces. Who has time to sit and cut it up into tiny pieces, especially after they serve everyone else their food and cut it up?
    I hear the sound of the men around me, chewing noisily as they smack their lips, and then a belch. I wrinkle my nose in disgust, making the crease between my brows…[Read more]

    • Amazingly sharp and very witty – it made me smile whilst reading it.
      What was this particular challenge called? Was it set by Pastor Mike?
      The one thing I enjoyed above all else was the picture challenges that came round every now and then. If you scroll right down to the very beginning of this group, there is a picture challenge if you like the…[Read more]

      • Yes it was Pastor Mike, and in one on my flash drive says his name lol. He called these word challenges Word salads, and yes he I did respond to the picture ones. I do like the picture and will have to write one soon, I love word salads and wish I remembered the rest of the letters we earned when we wrote them in the right order!
        I miss him and i…[Read more]

        • Oh yes! You mean when one person starts a story and two or more people add different chapters and completely diverts it off somewhere else? I forgot about those. That would be fun if only we had one or two more budding writers.

          • That is fun, but that is not the exercise I am thinking of.

            • Can you offer a more elaborate explanation as to how the word salads worked? I can remember them in part, but am blurry on the details. Were they similar to the word challenges that I am setting?

              • Yes they were, he would give you words, and tell you to make a story. if you look at the two holy b’s batman and this one, you will see the b words are the same.
                You can either put them anywhere through the story, or you can do it in order, which is where you get the WTG award. There is one where I used all of the words and then did it…[Read more]

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    A quick update for all participants in the Writer’s Lounge. Although I set challenges, members should be aware that any creative input they may have is not limited, or restricted solely to reacting to my set challenges. Anything creative in fictional writing may be posted here at any given time by any member. Thanks for reading.

  • Living my life often feels as though I am always looking through a kaleidoscope. With each turn of the hand, different shades and colors. One day I woke up and everything was dark and I could not function. I fought, kicking and screaming like a kangaroo until I was able to find a way back. Suddenly all of the colors came flashing back through…[Read more]

    • Well. . .apart from being an enjoyable read – describing one who has blossomed and found their own power-base, I remain unsure if I remember or know you. Remembering usernames are tricky and I struggle with all the names that I know to label you with one of them. So by way of not making myself look silly and, not wishing to overtax my tired old…[Read more]

    • Jules, I was Proudmomma8. That is what I meant, but I was reading the definition and it set buildings. I had many different thoughts on my mind and had a lot of energy as I wrote so I may have wrote it like that even if I did know that it was one building but hey. for my first blog in years, it was pretty okay.
      Thank you.

      • Ah! Believe it or not that name was in my top three. I do remember that username so I must remember you.

        Oh. . .and no problem with the Kremlin thingy, I have a habit of trying to probe people’s minds in the hope I can understand their inner musings. Your first blog/story in years?! It read ok to me, I look forward to reading more, and hope you…[Read more]

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    Everything is “in”possible. This will be the title of my self-help book when I will finally get the time to write it.

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