• Here is my review for what I consider one of the best books I have read in a long time.  I gave it a 5 out of 5, which is very rare for me.  I usually give 3 or 4, only occasionally giving a 2 if I really t […]

  • Hey, the Turkey wants you to have a happy thanksgiving as do I.  However, I am sure the turkey always would perfer you eat a hamburger, or a piece of chicken instead of him….give ’em a break if you […]

    • Hi Friend 😉
      Happy Thanksgiving to you.
      Like you….we are giving “Turkey” a break too. It’s Prime Rib here….. big enough to feed an army and there are only 4 of us. It may take some time…but it should be eaten up by Christmas. Ha! Oh…and a small ham.
      You enjoy your day….. 🤗
      🥧 🍗

      • Prime Rib AND ham….wow. And I bet you had plenty of vegatables too. I had two bowls of Lentil Soup, french fries and the lamb skank…(that is what they call it, I don’t know someone asked me what that was, and the best I could do to explain to them was “a big piece of leg with the bone”…LOL)

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  • Hikergirl7 changed their profile picture 3 days, 5 hours ago

  • I’m noticing more and more of this lately – walking out of a stores, work, and other public places and there laying on the ground is someone’s discarded, dirty old facemask. Yuk! I’ve even seen them in parks […]

    • I notice it too. But I also know…..after opening the car door during 40 mph winds in South Dakota I watched 3 mask take off from inside the car fly down the parking lot never to be seen again by me at least. Sometimes its not intentional….but I felt horrible about it.
      I also keep a box of gloves & Mask in the car and I always make efforts to pick up what I see. My sons were grossed out about it at first….but I told them I have these gloves here….see? So after I watched those 3 mask disappear…..I didn’t feel SO bad because I know I picked up more mask then that. But it still felt a little bad.

      I have an issue with mask because I don’t like having something on my mouth…and nose for a long period of time. I feel like I am suffocating. But I found ways to make it better for me. I ordered these small plastic cages that go under the mask and it leaves a space over your mouth and nose so nothing is touching your lips. It was such a relief. And after learning that trick I started wearing a disposable mask with the mask I make over it. And those disposable mask leave space between your mouth and the mask. When I was putting the disposable mask/filter into the middle of the mask I made….the cloth was getting into my mouth and I couldn’t stand it. AND…I now discovered that if you wear a kn95 mask under the 2 layered cloth mask… have so much room between the mask and mouth because the kN95’s have a stiffer structure. I ordered every type of mask available……and made every type of mask I found on youtube.
      I know….this isn’t forever so I try to make the best of the situation.
      Now my next purchase may be a battery operated mask that pumps fresh filtered air into the mask and blows filtered air out. The small pump gets strapped around your upper arm and the tube leads into the mask. I have to do more research on this.
      Anyhow….. my son thinks people will be wearing mask even after the vaccine is available to all. I think its possible because not everyone will get the vaccine.

      That could be a good community project? Spending an hour or 2 walking the neighborhood picking up used mask. We do a beach clean up a few times a year. It feels wonderful doing our part. And you can’t try to figure those people out who leave such a mess. It will drive you crazy.

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    We do not see
    things as they are `* `
    We see them as we are * `

    • No wonder my world is all rosy 😉
      Hi Aguila.

      • Ha-Ha
        Great to SEE You Moni….
        Can I start calling you Rosie ?
        If so call You can
        Call me Billy– or ?
        Idol for short—
        Up, down, turn around, come on, Moni
        Hey! She gimme
        ONE LOVE – and I feel alright now
        I said don’t stop now, come on, Moni
        Come on, Moni , I said, “Yeah”
        One Love– 💖 !
        The Best Monica..
        Crazy Ol’…[Read more]

        • Monica replied 3 days ago

          So talented Aguila 😉
          I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

          • whatsoever things are true,
            whatsoever things are honest,
            whatsoever things are just,
            whatsoever things are pure,
            whatsoever things are lovely,
            whatsoever things are of good report;
            if there be any virtue, and if there
            be any praise, think on these things………
            And May Peace be with You !
            On this— Thanks- Giving Day –…[Read more]

  • America, a good way to remember and thank Veterans would to be an American and fight to keep our democratic republic in place and not lety us slip down into a despotic banana republic!

    Let’s face it America, […]

    • What has to be remember also,, is that most of the demogogues, are really not at war with the elite as they try to convince the rest of us that they are. Like trump, they usually come from the ranks of the rich and elite…or at least privileged, and use our anger against us to divide us against each other. That’s what trump did, for sure.

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    We do not always get what we want.

  • (picture went with article)

    To start, let me just announce that only four persons are currently blocked. They are blocked because of their prior reaction to me and will remain blocked for the foreseeable […]

    • Where have I been? This is the first I am hearing about this story. As you can tell…..I do live in my own little world..HA!

      You made an Error up in Paragraph 3. It’s not Biden who is suggesting people should not fear the little boys….it was Trump.

      As you know…I don’t care for Trump or Biden…..but I did vote for what I think is the lesser evil…..Biden.
      But I could have been selfish and just let things be since Trump actually gave my household a BIG BIGLY HUGELY Tax cut and we didn’t even need one. My sons accountant called months ago and informed them of the new Tax information and we all just couldn’t stop laughing before we felt a bit sad for the working folks who actually believe he looks out for them. We laughed because it was just INSANE that people who need no tax cut….GOT A TAX CUT. But believe me….that BIGLY HUGELY tax cut we didn’t even want will just be given to charity.

      Cheers to Hawaii….my fellow Indigenous Brothers and Sisters 😉

      • Actually, that is not a mistake in paragraph 3 although it might seem misleading if it is read a different way than I meant. Biden has suggested that all Americans need to come together and not consider each other enemies. The problem is that many of the trump supporters hate minorities and would do anything they could to deny us (and I include myself as a gay man as part of the minority) our civil rights and equality before the law.

        In other words, Biden is suggesting being more “forgiving” than I am able or willing to be for the folks in the extreme right like the Proud Boys who are a threat to many of us. Sorry if my word choice confused you.

        Now, I can’t remember who I voted for in the primary. I know I voted for Bernie in 2016. I am not sure who all was available at that time. I supported Elizabeth Warren and/or Bernie Sanders, although I leaned this time toward Elizabeth Warren. If Elizabeth and Bernie were eliminated before the primary, I probably voted for Biden because I didn’t like a couple of the others, and thought Biden had a better chance of winning. I voted for Hillary in the general election in 2016 for the same reason. I would NEVER have voted for trump…ever.

        Now, I didn’t really get a tax cut as such, or not anything like I was “promised”. But I did get the 1200 stimulus, which I used to invest in alternative fuel industries….the entire thing was sent as a check to my business management with the stipulation to put the money in ART Investments which is all about innovative technology using alternative fuel sources. I figured that was a good way to use trump approved money to fight the trump agenda, which i have always seen as destructive to the environment as well as to the more needy people whose health care he is endangering.

        • Ok…..I get it now. Yes…being forgiving and understanding can be difficult for many people. I understand where you stand. LOVE the way you invested your stimulus.

          • Glad I was able to clarify. I often find that people don’t get my way of addressing things the first time. Sorry. 🙂

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