• “The Green Knight” is a medieval fantasy film directed, written, and produced by David Lowery and was released in the U.S on July 30th 2021. Adapted from the anonymous 14th Century poem “Sir Gawain and the Green […]

    • Very artistic trailer …. dark.
      Ok….I will have to add this to my list. I think I remember seeing a preview for this.
      I like Dev Patel….he is such a great actor.

      You are right about all of the King Arthur movies. I think my favorite is “Excalibur”

  • For Monica.

    “The Vast of Night” is a film directed, co-produced, and written by Andrew Patterson. The film premiered at the Slamdance Film Festival in January 2019 and was later released in the U.S in May […]

    • NEVER heard of this but I will watch it.
      We have every pay channel on our televisions here so I am sure I can find it somewhere.

      I love movies but never was one for “writing” reviews. I have always felt….if the Movie Trailer doesn’t hook you….my words DEFINITELY will not hook you. So I alway opted for just posting a trailer.
      BUT with your gift for writing Jules you do such an excellent job at reviewing.

    • Hi Monica.

      Thanks for the compliment. . .and the plug!

      During the last year and a half there have been a lot of films that have come in under the radar – so to speak, because of the pandemic. Many have gone straight to stream while others – such as the new Bond film, have been held back until cinemas open again.

      There are gems a-plenty just waiting to be discovered. I myself had never heard of “The Vast of Night” until I saw the thumbnail on Prime Video. I clicked on it and began watching what is now my favourite film of the year. Another gem I came across was “I Think We’re Alone Now” – an independant film that stands above all others for its quality of story.

      Of course. . .there is the caveat that what I think is good, others might disagree with, but I always trust in the fact that people recognise quality when they see it. And the above mentioned films ooze quality with ease.

  • I don’t normally devote my blogs to film reviews as such, but I just watched what I can simply describe as one of the most disturbingly hypnotic movies I have seen in a while. Strictly speaking this is not a […]

    • I have to say Jules… REALLY need to do more movie reviews. You got me hooked. I am going to sign off now because I found the movie somewhere on my TV and I am going to start watching it.

      No pizza in site 😉

    • Ok….watched this CREEPY movie and have to say it was not something up my alley. But I KNOW my sisters and brothers would LOVE this so I sent them the recommendation.

      As for that disturbing scene you mentioned…… the ‘MELDING” of the 2?

      • “The melding” you got it right on.

        It wasn’t so much the visuals but the noises they were both making – it made me cringe with pity and disgust.

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  • Every year around Christmas time I think about adopting a family who is less fortunate. Unfortunately, I always think about it too late. 

    Not this year.

    I just found out the USPS posts children’s letters […]

    • THANK YOU so much for sharing your story and sharing this information about Operation Santa. I have heard some stories about the letters the Post Office receives and volunteers who handle them. But I did not know you could become a Secret Santa of sorts and shop for these children. We have been doing somewhat the same thing through Salvation Army with their Angel Tree. No letters involved but paper Angels hanging on the tree and you pick one or 10 and they have the name(first name only) Age, Sex, Clothes size and a little wish list the child has. I like to get them early because I don’t really like being rushed to make the deadline which has happened a few times.

      Again….thanks for posting this and WELCOME to THOUGHTS Kat 🥂

      • Kat replied 8 months ago

        Thank you for your encouragement! Apparently the USPS has been doing this since the early 1900s but with technology as it is, you can do it online. Im looking forward to putting smiles on some kids faces this year!

        • ME TOO!
          My sons are grown and I have no Grandkids YET so getting to shop for children always makes me look forward to the holiday.
          I just realized you are not new to these parts. It takes me a while sometimes but you looked so familiar.
          I should have said…WELCOME BACK 🍸

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  • Congratulations to Emma Raducanu in winning the US Open Tennis Championships. Emma became the first British woman to win a Grand Slam singles title since Virginia Wade back in 1977.

    Emma we love you!

  • God is Sun like alive self illuminating light that nobody has seen but people deem him an alive star…it can heat on to melt mountains and eyes can’t see him..the way we deem him he becomes like…but God is self […]

  • Priscilla and I co-founded the Breakthrough Prize to celebrate scientists at the forefront of discovery. This year, I’m especially excited by the work laureates Katalin Karikó and Drew Weissman did to help […]

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  • Healing is Messy…

    …It’s 10:13pm! 13 minutes past curfew hours, thanks to Covid-19 protocols! She is sitting in front of her mirror reeling through her thoughts…She had a perfectly good day and is relie […]

    • I heard Iyanla Vanzant say…. “When you hit rock bottom remember……God made the rock! There is always a way up and out”
      Enjoyed this post Terry 🤗

      • Yap! There’s always gonna be a way up and out! I like that 🙂! Also, I’m glad that you enjoyed the post Monica 😉Thank you! ☺️

    • 🤣 Cant wait to read the story about this girl.

      • I don’t actually have a story for this one. . .that’s not to say I couldn’t create one.

  • I said you would regret it, you didn’t believe me. . .
    I said you can’t do that to me, you didn’t believe me. . .
    I warned you about the direct consequences of inexcusable actions, you ignored me. . .
    I told […]

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