• My apologies up front if this offends, but I feel I must do my utmost to try to ensure voters they are voting smart.

    Let me say up front that I am an American, not for the left or right, more for the middle.  […]

    • I am a Democrat, who is solidly Democratic. I have always been and always will be. However, I have to admit that I have not been that the nation has never been as adversely affected by Republicans before. trump is simply a different animal, and I have thought for the longest that he is all about an authoritarian, dictator style form of government.

      Even Nixon did a few good things, but trump has done little or nothing fo rmost of us, including many that voted for him.

  • Some of the pictures at the bottom of this page will show Agnes Moorehead not looking like the iconic image that many of us associate with the mother of Samantha the witch in Bewitched, but it is also a valid […]

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      I remember watching this show as a child, it was my mother’s favourite tv show. Sam’s mother used to creep me out!

    • This show made me WISH to be a witch so bad!

      • Yah, just imagine being able to wave your hand and make anything that you wanted to happen, happen. I can think of all sorts of things that I would be doing right now. LOL All the doubt about the upcoming election here in the states would be resolved immediately and I would be rich and not have to worry about anything.

        I felt the same way about I dream of Jeanne which I watched growing up also.

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  • This is a true story about my time at the Hard Rock Casino in Punta Cana DR with the guys from the Bovada gaming group.

    Many years ago some friends in my industry organized a Bovada casino gambling event for […]

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  • I had been planning on buying a few plants for my terrace garden, as I haven’t had a chance to go out in the past seven months due to the coronavirus pandemic. Today, I convinced my husband to go with me and we […]

    • I absolutely love gardening. You are correct….it is so relaxing to dig into the dirt with your hands, plant seeds and watch them grow. This year I only grew heirloom tomatoes on the lower balcony. On my upper balcony I have a few different flowering plants. One I absolutely love is my Night Jasmine. The scent flows through the door and it is so wonderful. Can’t wait to see your Orchid.
      We have a local group that trades plants. With so many people being stuck at home through this pandemic many started growing plants for the first time. So they sign up for this group where they trade. I saw the story on our local news station. Us humans can be so creative.

      • Oh I am so delighted to know that you share my enthusiasm for gardening. I am sorry I got in late replying back. I had 2 busy days, and just sat down to check my comments and messages here. I grow mint, turmeric, ginger, eggplant, aloe vera, basil and many varieties of indoor plants. I have only two types of orchids. One is known as Dancing Girl and the other looks like an eagle when bloomed. I agree that we can be pretty creative. 🙂

        • My father always planted a large garden every summer when I was young so my memories of fresh vegetables are wonderful. Maybe next summer I’ll be able to plant more on the back hill. I just have to work on the path and hire a crew to make layers on the hill. We shall see how that all turns out.
          The Dancing Girl Orchid sounds beautiful.

    • Ah yes, just being out in nature, for me, does that!

  • I wanted to do like the old days of 2007 and bring writing contests with prizes for the winners back to

    Hence, I’ve created the new story telling challenge / contest.

    Contest […]

  • I’m desperately trying to get into it this year, but things just don’t feel the same with all that’s going on. It also seems that trick or treating is becoming more and more a thing of the past. Last year, we […]

    • CAMPING? It wouldn’t be at Crystal Lake by chance? 😉

      It has been that way over here too… one goes Trick or Treating any more. And I admit I pulled my boys away from it when they were young. I just felt it wasn’t safe for them and focused on being apart of my mothers scary scene and giving out the best candy. My moms house was always known for being the spookiest on the block. So my sons and my nephew would be apart of the little scenes to scare the kids when they would come up.
      And we would always have good food and just enjoyed the night.
      But when everyone moved away I focused on my house but our driveway at that time was so long…..and our houses were on a few acres a lot….and our roads were rural so there were no sidewalks and no street lights….so we would get just a few daring souls arriving by car. Now we live on a hill and we get absolutely no one. So this year I am just focusing on a seasonal theme. Fall leaves….fall treas….uncarved Cinderalla pumpkins stacked on the porch. I spent a whole day looking for those things. I still am looking for a grey blueish one. I also found this cute simple Halloween garland at Micheals that I will string. Of course I will buy the best candy incase a few youngsters trickle by….but last year I did give my housekeeper a large cauldron full of candy to take home to her kids. Out of sight out of mind kind of thing 😉 The thing is….our neighborhood website has a map of all houses that are going to give Candy out and still we get VERY few. Which is why the lucky souls hiking our driveway get 5lbs of candy each :D. ha!

      Anyhow……I pretty much just decorate because it makes me happy.

      • Shoot I’d gladly hike up to your place – for the candy and just to see the gorgeous decorations! Oh and no Crystal Lake for me, no way! Haha! If it cools down anytime soon we’ll be headed to the hills though!

    • I know right! Nothings seems the same. All the fun of holidays have gone with the wind. 🙁

  • So it is done. I have officialy completed my bachelor’s in communications and psychology. Woot!

  • This book is written as a love letter to his son, who has come out to him as Gay. The father, who is Gay also, is telling him what Gay Pride and a good Gay Life is all about in his opinion. He does this from […]

    • I think I heard about this book a bit ago. I will add it to my list.

      I wanted to let you know that I finished “A Woman is No Man” a few weeks ago.
      What a great sad story.

      • Wow, one of the best things about blogging is getting others to check out books that you found interesting. Thanks.

        • It really matters on who recommends the book. I have read a few from posters on here and actually have enjoyed the recommendations.
          About your book…..”A Women is No Man”….I had Iraqi friends in High School and one who was so amazing had to run away because her father was going to kill her for dating a Mexican. Marriages are still arranged within their community. I was home one day and she called me and asked if I could come pick her up because her parents locked her in her room and she said she thinks her father was going to kill her. No one was home with me and the only car in the driveway was a stick shift. At that time …I could not drive a stick shift. She said she was going to call a few more people. She finally called me back and managed to crawl out the window and she did not return to school…she had run away. I ran into her a few years later. She married her then boyfriend and she was walking with her daughter. Her whole family had disowned her. One of her cousins who I also went to school with came into my work place and asked me if I ever run into his cousin to tell her he misses her and that he loves her. Because of what she did…..everyone was not allowed to talk to her. They still had their strict rules that they lived by.
          But I do have Iraqi friends who don’t follow those strict rules.
          AND….I learned that year how to drive a stick shift.

          • That is certainly a horribly bad situation. The culture is not kind to women for sure but it is the culture, not the mere fact of being ethnically from that area of the world which is a point that you made. You know the Amish in this country don’t kill but they do shun anybody that leaves the community which strikes me as being cruel as well.

  • Post the COVID-19 lockdown, many of us have been working from home. So, I have a lot of time to watch web series.

    The one I picked up first was The Vampire Diaries. It did not disappoint me. I watched it […]

    • I think that most people who suffered the isolation of lockdown discovered new tv shows they would never have known about if not for Covid 19. My current favourite is on Amazon Prime, a show called “Preacher.” It’s wild, gory, uncompromising, and darkly comical. But alas, that’s now come to an end. . .time to look for something else as a welcome distraction.

    • I have seen all of True Blood, loved it, but can’t watch it again because I didn’t like the way it ended, and that makes me not want to watch it repeated. I am not sure how much of Riverdale I watched, I know one season, I might need to check that and watch the rest if there is more.

      I am currently watching the second season of 13 Reasons Why. It is dark and about kids trying to grow up and deal with all the issues that come along like drug addiction, suicide and the like.

      • I know. I didn’t like the ending of True Blood. I felt so bad for Eric Northman and Sookie married some random guy. Ugh!

        Riverdale, I have watched till season 3, but 2 and 3 was a waste. But I like Cole Sprouse. So I watched. I also like Lili Reinhart.

        I will check out 13 Reasons Why. Thank you.

        • actually, I don’t think that was a random guy…I think it was the werewolf because I remember it seemed odd that she had forsaken her interest in vampires, but kept her interest in him. They had dated for a while.

          I could be wrong though, but that is who I remember seeing at that table with, I believe, some children. I hated the end because Sookie was all about the vampires and this seemed like a total rewrite of her whole being. But also because if they had just ended the show 20 minutes earlier they would have left with what I considered some sort of intergrity. Instead, it seemed to me that they quickly added 20 more minutes to make it turn out all “normal”.

    • I have to admit I only watched a season of Outlander…..and have not seen anything else. And the reason I only watched one season of Outlander is I read all of the books and was some what disappointed with who they picked for Jamie. AND….they change up the story line from time to time. But once in a blue moon I will watch an episode if its on as I am turning Chanels. I absolutely love the Outlander books. She is about to release a 9th book and I can not wait for it.

  • After what I call a lifetime of waiting, I am finally able to write here. I thought was gone forever. It feels good to be back.

  • Google Web Stories

    I’m super excited to announce is now officially live with the new “stories” feature by Google that allows you to create story style posts on thoughts.

    Story posts are visual […]

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