• OGWT footage from the 70’s.

    Sing it Kev!

    • WHAT???? LOVE his voice.
      And love the whole look.
      I saw this young kid a few months ago….totally old rock n roll. He had wild hair….shirt open and hip huggers on.
      You know he had to be slim and beautiful to pull this look off.

  • A song with a unique sound song by a great song writer.

    I hope you enjoy it!!!

    • Hi Friend 🙂
      LOVE Leonard. So Unique and so talented.
      Beautiful Sunday music.

      • Thanks, glad you like it. There is just something about his voice that is great. Here is an example of what I mean when I saw “the sound” pulls me.

        • Monica replied 3 days ago

          For me….voices are so important. And I know it’s a shallow part of me….but I LOVE when a man has a deep unique voice. To me….that’s manly. I know…I know…I hate that I say that…but it is what attracts me. And when a man with a deep voice sings…I am drawn to them like a moth to the light. I have a story about some California Native Traditional singers that are AMAZING. I melt with one in particular. Oh…and my sons all have beautiful deep voices like their father. :::sigh:::

  • Mondo held up the peculiarly shaped blade to his eyes and studied it with all the wonder and curiosity of someone discovering an alien artifact. The reflection of the flickering candle in the mirror amplified the […]

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    A quick update for all participants in the Writer’s Lounge. Although I set challenges, members should be aware that any creative input they may have is not limited, or restricted solely to reacting to my set challenges. Anything creative in fictional writing may be posted here at any given time by any member. Thanks for reading.

  • Ok, I am the person that once told my teacher that I had no real interest in art. The problem, as I saw it, was that I couldn’t draw worth a darn. Couldn’t even, as I put it, draw a straight line. Well, that […]

    • What editing software did you use?

      • I don’t remember anymore….it was done over the course of several years, on different computer and not all the same systems even. Lunapix is one of the programs used, and at one I was using gimp.

  • “None shall pass save trial by fire,” the guardian said.

    “Your abilities are not known to me and thus unproven. I am but a metaphor, a representation of medieval practices which determine guilt by physical or […]

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    It was a time of renewal, a time of change. The King who had reigned over Oroculpo for eighty-years had died leaving behind his daughter to rule in his stead. The princess – now Queen Clarissa, being totally […]

    • Hello, do you know if there is access to scribbles and bits somewhere? I miss them.

    • Hello Amanda, and welcome to Thoughts.

      The fact that you mention ‘scribbles’ must mean that you were once a member of the old thoughts and took part in the writing challenges? What with one thing and another I’m afraid all that came to an abrupt end when ‘Thinkr’ took pride and place over thoughts after it closed, and most of the old thoughtsers didn’t like Thinkr and left for other adventures.

      I started a writing group on Thinkr I set simple weekly challenges in the hope that the writing spirit could be rekindled, but in truth it never did – mainly because there was not enough people on the site and certainly not enough who showed interest. re-opened a few months back and all the groups and blogs which were already in place were carried over to the new version. You can join any group found under ‘Groups’ and there is one dedicated to poetry if that’s your thing.

      I could start a ‘scribbles’ challenge within my own group but it would need regular input to make it worth my while. I’m not adverse to re-kindling the old scribbles – in fact I would love it, but in order to thrive, a group needs people, lots of people, and right here and now the trickle of people, new and old, is very slow and most newcomers just want to write blogs which is fair enough.

    • We probably competed on the Word Salads, I was the one that always did them in order and got the WTG rewards, I forgot how he did that, I miss Pastor Mike.
      I signed up for Thinkr, but I didn’t write much. I have not written much creatively, because of work and school, but I have been seeing word salad over and over and happened to check out thoughts again.

    • Not competed but participated in together. <3

    • Me too, did you read my post, do you remember who I am?

      • I have seen your post but am yet to read it. . .my kitchen is shouting at me to clean it. When I’m done I will read your story – but before I read it I will say thanks for supplying content; I think you’re the first person to actually submit a story for a year or so. . .so well done just for that.

        And no. . .I don’t remember who you are/were.

        • I will see after you read it, I am trying to do notes, do homework, and I have to get on the bike and put in some miles for the Ride for Roswell sometime today, so I will let you read and then see if your memory is triggered. Have fun in that kitchen, I will see if I can find your response when I get some things done!

  • Yes, I am talking about Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen. This is one of my favorite songs. Thought I would share it here. Freddy Mercury reminds me of a friend of mine that passed away about 30 years ago, and has a […]

    • This song brings back memories. I had to stop playing it because it made me cry. Not really sad tears…just made me think of my handicapped brother.
      When we were young…we would travel to South Dakota in the summer for family reunions and other things. And we had 2 station wagons and all 9 of us would pack up and drive. And in the Station wagon my brother drove….he would play this tape. I think I knew all the lyrics to their songs because he would rewind and play them again and again.

      • I had a friend who, in my mind, looked like Freddy that died of AIDS back then and every time I look at Freddy, i remember him, I will confess that I found both men very very attractive. But in addition, I love this song because of the sounds more even than the words.

        • Uh huh…I get the liking the music more so than the lyrics. I am sorry about your friend. Freddy was very vibrant.

    • This was the moment when Queen showed to the world that there was something more to popular music than the bog-standard rubbish we had all got used to hearing. The song and methodology in creating it was a seminal wake up call for listeners and musicians alike. The song never shows its age and has a timeless quality that all the classics possess.

      I love the moment in “Wayne’s World” when they’re driving in the car listening to this song and start freaking out during the rock opera sequence.

  • The day had been going well for Andrea; she had set out at the crack of dawn with her prize Strawberry. Her destination, the great town of TrickleTreacle, had an old and wise resident going by the name of Binhear […]

    • i hope Brandall doesn’t eat the strawberry or she will lose her price and his “help” will not prove to be very helpful. Will we learn in another episode?

    • I like to think that Brandall would keep to his word and not dishonour it by munching away at Andrea’s strawberry. I have no plans for writing a continuation – my pictures are single stories, a captured moment in time. And of course, my readers have their own imaginations so I will leave it to them to decide what happened next.

  • Those who jump off a bridge in Paris are in Seine.

    A backward poet writes inverse. 

    A man’s home is his castle, in a manor of speaking. 

    Dijon vu – the same mustard as before. 

    Practice safe eating – […]

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    Everything is “in”possible. This will be the title of my self-help book when I will finally get the time to write it.

  • “Nonsense,” said Sirin. “It’s just misunderstood and we fear it for no other reason than it’s size. Today I will prove it to you all by communicating with the beast. And you will see that at its heart there […]

    • Not sure what this is from, but I love the picture and the words.

    • It is all from my own imagination. I create picture composites/shape creations for my own amusement. It’s a steep learning curve but I’ve been doing it for years.

  • About three years ago, I watched a very interesting series on Netflix called “Bloodline”. It was about a dysfunctional family. There was a policeman in the family as well as some other less upstanding siblings. […]

    • There have been many wonderful theme tunes/songs for TV Dramas, too many to recount until you hear them again. The one that has always stuck with me and became my all-time favourite is the theme from “Game of Thrones.”

      Simply wonderful composition!

    • Yes, there are some really talented people working in the entertainment industry making impressive stuff.

  • Good old Appalachian Mountain music. Kind of reminds me of my mother and the stories that she used to tell about her days “back home”. She wasn’t actually from the area known as Appalachia but close. Her […]

  • Today, in late afternoon, early evening, it decided to rain here in New Orleans.  I am sure what the wheather focus was, but I didn’t really expect it to rain.  But suddenly it started, and my thoughts were ” […]

    • Over here we call that a flash flood. There you are minding your own business when all of a sudden the expected rainfall turns into a biblical deluge and you look around for the nearest canoe!

      I’ve seen a few in my time and unfortunately, I happened to be outside for most of them.

      We’re not supposed to get tropical style weather in the UK. . .but we do.

      • Well, actually I live in what amounts to semi-tropics so it is pretty much life as usual here. We have to be careful driving though it, and some are in areas where they find it necessary to alter from their normal parking arrangements by taking their car to higher ground but otherwise, it usually is ok.

        In fact, there are times when the water disappears almost as fast as it comes. Bear in mind though, that part of New Orleans, where i live, is actually below sea level so some interesting things do happen from time to time.

  • I don’t know if Peggy Lee was considered country or maybe pop…or verging into a sort of swing/band style. However, this song is a haunting one which explains why I am featuring it here.

    • YOU have got to be kidding me???? I put this song in my queue maybe a year ago? I have the “Frank Sinatra” channel on my favorites and this song was played and for some reason it moved me. It seemed to teeter between tragic and joy. And when something seems so different to me I have to figure it out. Which is why I wrote the song down to listen to later when I could figure it out.

      Here is another one that seemed beautiful to me….but he actually uses the word demon in here a few times which seemed odd to me.

    • My take on it is that he is telling his beloved that while demons may smile for a while and give her the idea that they are her friends, he will be around to protect her from being damaged by them. A vow to take care of her for ever, as long as he is allowed to be around. (Shrug)

      It is an interesting take and not what most love songs refer to usually. 🙂

      • MISTER….it just can’t be that easy. I’m always looking for hidden meanings and secret messages you see. But with the way I am feeling at the moment I will take your interpretation. Thanks for saving me some time I was going to give it sometime down the road 😉

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  • Just sharing a catchy little song that I like now re-listening from a few years ago shared on another blog site. Kind of like a lot of my music choices, the sound more than the […]

    • Wasn’t much of a Vanilla Ice fan but I could always appreciate a good dance tune. And this falls into that category.
      Did you where the neon? 😉

      • I am not sure I understand the question about Neon?? It is just a video I found several years ago on youtube and liked the sound of. 🙂

        • Of course you didn’t understand…I misspelled “Wear” with “Where”. See what happens when I am tired and make no sense? It was just in reference to wearing Neon Clothes being the big deal back in the “ice Ice baby” days.

          I seem to make a lot of spelling errors on this site.
          I think it may be that in the comments we can not adjust font size. But dodo bird me just expanded my page and now I can see giant font. I truly am clueless in these odd areas of being online.

    • Jules replied 1 month ago

      There are times – especially at the beginning – when this song sounds too much like “Under Pressure” by Queen. Maybe they did a deal with the copyright holder to use the material?

      • I don’t remember “Under Pressure” although I love Queen. I will have to look for it. I obviously don’t know about who was first or who owns copyrights etc…:)

      • Oh, and I did take the time to look up and listen to Under Pressure and you are right, it is almost exactly the same at the start.

        • “The biggest controversy of “Ice Ice Baby,” was the fact that it lifted the bass line from Queen and David Bowie’s 1981 song “Under Pressure .” Queen and David Bowie’s camps both filed lawsuits against Vanilla Ice, seeing that the rapper did not pay any royalties to Bowie, Freddie Mercury, Brian May.”

          I copied & pasted this over here. Apparently there was a copyright issue with this song and, I don’t know all the details but Vanilla Ice managed to worm his way out of it. It might make for some interesting research to delve deeper into the lawsuit and find out what happened in the end.

          • i seem to remember now that I have had some time for the old cogs in my brain to start working that Vanilla Ice was in trouble for something else also one time. Whatever happened, the song is still on youtube which is where i stumbled onto it.

            The interesting thing was that I don’t remember ever hearing “Under Pressure” till you mentioned it above in response to my post. I love Queen, especially Bohemian Rhapsody. Whatever happened didn’t include having the song yanked from youtube obviously.

            I might do some online research. 🙂

    • I know a lady that knows that song by heart
      It’s on her like a tattoo.

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    There was a time when water became scarce – so scarce that the only form of liquid came from occasional, rare rainfall, or moisture created by early morning dew. All the plants suffered and began to wither. That […]

    • Did you create the image first and write the story for it or vice versa?
      Wasn’t there a “Photo” challenge on old Thoughts where someone would post a photo and people would write a story for it?

    • Jules replied 1 month ago

      I don’t usually have a story in mind when I create photo composites, some of my work hangs around for months because I get creatively stuck and see no end path. The image above is a prime example of this. The statue, mushroom, and girl, all formed part of a completely different picture that I’ve been mucking around with for ages. A few days ago amid a wave of inspiration I changed the backdrop and thus changed the concept entirely. With a fresh idea in mind I was able to finally finish the project and be done with it.

      I found it to be a good idea to include a brief written overview describing the scene rather than just plonking the picture in a post with just a working title. My descriptions, which can be regarded as ‘fly by,’ give a flavour to the image and direct the viewer to a train of thought that I had after contemplating all aspects of the finished picture. They say that every picture tells a story, and that’s as true today as it was in the past. I hope that makes sense? It did to me as I wrote it.

      And yes. . .there was a photo challenge on the old Thoughts which I regularly participated in. The challenge was to write a story about a picture that the setter (Pastor Mike) would post. Everyone would then go away and think about a story that fitted the photo. It was a very enjoyable time that I remember, and the writing community was huge back then with all sorts of people participating each week.

    • Makes complete sense to me…every picture does tell a story…or could tell a story. I only say that because at times I just take random pictures of beautiful scenes that don’t really have a story. But if you’re going to add objects and create a scene….yeah….theres a story in there somewhere.
      Made me think of an art teacher I had when I was YOUNG. For this particular assignment we had to hand him our blank sheet of water color paper and he would scribble/blop/swoosh a strange design. And we had to create something from that.

      Pastor Mike sure had a way of bringing people together and keeping them motivated.

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