One week had now passed since their search in the old derelict house had returned no positive results although they had got closer to Devane than at any other time over the past year. All […]

  • I have always been told that my heritage is Scotch-Irish.  I don’t know about that, I suspect I am a heins 57 mongrel, but let’s say that the Scotch and Irish cultures has a certain fascination for me.  I l […]

    • Hi Friend 🤗
      YEARS ago….early 2000’s I went to see the Irish Tenors in concert and fell in love with Ronin Tynan ❤️ It is one of my most favorite concerts I have attended. They all sang so beautifully and they would joke around between songs. So funny. And when they sang Danny Boy there was not a dry eye in the crowd. I will try and post a short video of them at the end of this post.

      We use to have a few Scots and Irish who posted with us. The Scotsmen would get wild and unruly so they would have to keep them apart 😁 (Teasing of course) Mr. Bradly still post with us.
      We had a poster who was half Scots and was born in Canada and learned to play Bagpipes because it was what they did over there.I guess you would call them culture classes of sorts. He learned Bagpipes and he was about to start the Gaelic classes but he didn’t complete them for some reason. I can’t remember the reason.
      Anyhow… should look into your family tree.

      Irish Tenors💜

      • I haven’t looked into my family tree and when my mother was still alive, she could never go back more than 2 generations before the names started blurring or being unknown. But there is site where for about 130.00 or so, they are supported to be able to accept a blood sample and see who all else has been tested that is related to you. I have been thinking about trying that.

        And the singing of the tenors was good also.

    • As this song is so widely known and enjoyed by many, I find the fact that no one knows who actually wrote the music (lyrics came after the fact) more fascinating than the song itself.

    • Thanks, James. I am glad we finally got your comment up here so I can respond. Very glad you like. Actually a Christian song “Amazing Grace” is I think my very favorite song for bagpipes, but this one is wonderful too.

      We never truly lose our roots, I don’t think, any of us.

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    The rusted hinges on the single-leaf wooden door creaked and groaned as it slowly gave way to firm but forcible persuasion. The door became stuck three-quarters through its travel and refused […]

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    Thoughts on this view ?

    They must know, then, that the above-named gentleman whenever he was at leisure (which was mostly all the year round) gave himself up to reading books of chivalry with such […]

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      this was my first post just playing with it.

    • We all had to do many test post to figure out the sites features. So test away. Nice picture.

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  • It is a sad fact that in our socially connected and enlightened world that is 2021 there are a few among us that have yet to evolve above the mentality of a Neanderthal when communicating their thoughts online. I […]

    • I remember this story. He was just the cutest person making his rounds around his property. I had no idea Neanderthals were being Neanderthals. Another sad thing about this….is that this online behavior is not shocking. We have encountered doses of it here at times. I have seen it at times on Twitter and sometimes I will just respond with a simple “Idiot” IF I even respond. I normally do not allow myself to get pulled into a back and forth. Because we know you can not make sense of them. Maybe a punk kid….maybe a sad pathetic adult. I try not to think too much about those animals because I can easily get frustrated. But I wonder if their accounts can be blocked if enough people complain?
      There must be ways to handle them these days.
      We know this man was a wonderful person with a kind heart…..those punks can’t change that.

    • The Social media giants like Facebook and Twitter are coming under increasing pressure to clean up their acts when it come to abuse. Just recently some black sports stars over here have been trolled by these strange people – some included death threats! There is a growing trend within the population that is getting louder as the days go by, they are calling on these media sites to do more than they are doing right now – we all know they can do more but are they willing to put the time in it will take to monitor their sites properly?

    • I know you have heard about some of the stuff going on in the United States. Looking at what has happened here, and hearing this episode of “nastiness online”,I am not at all sure that some of these people wouldn’t do the same thing in a face to face setting, which makes me even more delighted that I don’t know them and likely will never see them. I certainly hope not, because it is bad enough on the internet, I don’t want people like that in my personal life.

      There are efforts to curtail some of that type thing here in the United States to, with the predictable screams that doing so is a violation of “freedom of speech”. Yes, that is a value in our nation, but saying nasty things just to stir up heartache and fear should not be acceptable under any circumstance in my opinion.

      • Jules replied 3 weeks ago

        There has always been a need in some people to be nasty to others online. They must gain some satisfaction by doing it but I have never understood it.

        • yes, and before that there were some that seemed to “need” to pick on persons in real life (there still are now). I don’t know why that is, but it exists.

  • Hey diddle diddle
    There is no cat or moon
    The sun is bright and shining
    Come listen to my tune
    Bring your bow and fiddle
    And learn to play along
    Together we will fill the grove
    With music, laughter, and song.

    • Love the tree.

    • Beautiful tree, and good poem. I did some poetry at one time for a site that had competitions, sort of, in writing poems or stories based on a word or picture (both kinds) and know how hard it is sometimes to come up with one that works.
      Good work, Jules.

    • Thanks, but I’m a bit hopeless at poetry. But 8 line limericks I can get my head around.

  • I have just been to Epsom Downs Racecourse, one of the many vaccine hubs scattered across the UK where I got jabbed with the AstraZeneka Covid vaccine. Apart from a slightly inflamed area on my arm where the […]

    • Astra Zeneca was the one I wanted when it was still in the testing phase. But it hasn’t been approved over here yet and my mother (retired nurse) recommended Pfizer. So Pfizer is the jab I got. And I should say STAB because like I mentioned ….I didnt feel the initial 💉shot….but after a while I felt like my arm was stabbed or better yet…punched 100 times by Rocky Balboa 🤣

  • While the patriotic congress members present real factual evidence that a narcissistic authoritarian President of the United States was instrumental, even though not an actual participant, in the attempt to […]

    • As predicted 🙄

    • Growing up in the 70’s, we were able to leave our vehicle un-locked, as well as our home. Today you need state of the art security systems, and even that is not full proof. The leadership of this great country have not been doing anything but making things worse. They talk a good talk of making improvements, they fail terribly in they’re actions.

  • To examine, to question, to discover and evolve — that is what it means to be alive. Cicely Tyson (1924 – 2021)

  • So many people in the Christian community have very little love or caring that they tend to want to extend to members of the LGBTQ community. Well, things are actually a lot better than they used to be, without […]

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