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  • Monica started the topic Young crushes and first boyfriend/girlfriends. in the forum Group logo of All About LoveAll About Love 5 years ago

    I was watching that Sting/Shaggy video and it made me think about young puppy love and our first crushes.

    I remember I was in 6th grade when tall athletic “Jay” asked me if I would be his girlfriend while we were at PE. I barely knew who he was but I knew who he was. I looked at him and said that I needed to ask my mother. Ha! This good girl thing has always been with me you see 😉
    So I got home from school and went to the kitchen to tell my mother what had happened while at school. She stopped cooking at looked at me and said that I was too young. I just shrugged my shoulders and said ok and went to change my clothes.
    I went to school the next day and he was waiting at PE for me. I just told him my mother said no and I walked away to find my friends.

    In 8th grade Jay asked me again and I just said no straight out. I had developed a crush on another guy named Albert. Albert had a funky smile and was smart, funny and chubby. Something about him always made me smile. But looking back at it now I think it might had been his self esteem that prevented him from asking any girl out. But just being his friend was so fun. I moved to a new school that following year and didnt have my first boyfriend until 11th grade. Thats a whole different story for another time.

    How old were you when you had your first boyfriend/girlfriend? Your first crush? Did you discuss these things with your parents?