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  • Monica replied to the topic Polygamy in the forum Group logo of All About LoveAll About Love 5 years, 4 months ago

    I use to have a jaded outlook to Polygamy/Polyandry. It wasn’t until the show Sister Wives came out that my view had changed.
    When I first heard of the show I thought….GROSS. Who would waste their time watching that stuff. Well….one night I was home and nothing else must have been on for me to watch it. But I watched it on Netflix I think it was. I was hooked.
    I do realize there are horror stories with child brides and 30 wives and mind games. But sometimes….when you get a family like the Browns….it shows you that it can work. Our minds have been so programmed to think that polygamy/polyandry is a negative thing when in fact almost all cultures practiced it at some point in their history.
    There is so much more I wanted to say and will another time. (Its late and my eyes are closing)
    But I do believe it should be legalized only if the family can support itself.
    I admit…looking back at my relationship there were times a sister wife would have been good for me. I know my ex wouldn’t have gone for it….but when your a working mom rushing back and forth from the office to the ball field and back to the office…..a little help would have been welcomed. Of course that was just in thought theory. In reality…..could it have worked?

    More later…..