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  • Monica replied to the topic Love at First Sight in the forum Group logo of All About LoveAll About Love 5 years, 1 month ago

    I was only 18 years old when I saw him.

    It was a cold early morning and I had just pulled into work. I grabbed my bag and started to walk towards the building. The sun had just come over the horizon so I found myself squinting and looking down to make my way. As I was approaching the entrance I looked up and the door opened. He was standing there holding the door open for me. We looked at each other and something happened. The world went silent……everything became a blur except for him. I don’t know how else to describe that moment. I was walking in what seemed like a tunnel towards him. Honestly….almost just like the movies make it seem but it was so much more. Something inside you tells you…..WARNS you… he is. Wheels inside start turning and moving and your gut tightens up because you don’t understand what exactly is happening to you physically and emotionally? But that inner voice whispers again…’s him.
    I could barely hear myself say thank you to him as I walked passed him.
    I had been working there maybe 3 weeks. It was his first day.
    As I was at my work station I held my head up as I stood in my stance form. Which to most made me look unapproachable. But he approached me. He walked up to me and introduced himself. We chatted through out the day and before the day was over he asked me out.
    I laughed it off and turned him down. Warned him he wouldn’t like me But he asked again. I wasn’t playing my usual hard to get….it was more….fear?
    My instincts warned me all day about him. This was the one …are you ready
    WHOSE READY AT 18 I told myself. Not now…….I am not ready. I just graduated high school…..I just started college. I knew….it would get serious fast with him. The next day…..he bought me flowers….and asked again. I still had a flurry of butterflies in my stomach. I couldn’t. We had a destiny that I was not ready to start. We knew. But for me….It had to wait.
    After around a month…..he finally stopped asking and would just talk to me. We became friends and he eventually left the company.
    Fast forward one night 2 years later and I dreamt of him. In my dream I was walking behind him on a dark road. I thought….why isn’t he waiting for me? As soon as I thought that….he stopped and turned around and reached out for my hand. I grabbed his hand and we kept walking. That was it.
    I went to work the next morning thinking about that dream.
    As I was standing with some of my co workers I told them….GUESS who I dreamt about last night? No one guessed right so I told them. They all started to hoot and laugh because some of them remembered him and remembered his pursuit. And as I was telling them my dream I looked up and he came walking through the front door. Everyones mouth dropped open.

    We eventually had 3 sons and spent 18 years together.
    He has since remarried.
    He is my first Soul Mate and is still my friend.
    We are better friends apart.
    But we both knew….it was love at first sight.

    The End 🙂