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  • Monica replied to the topic Last movie you saw at the theater. in the forum Group logo of Cinema, Movies, MagicCinema, Movies, Magic 5 years, 5 months ago

    ok…so…I went to see Ladybird and ended up in the wrong theater and ended up watching The Disaster Artist. Now…I had planned on seeing this movie eventually because the reviews were amazing. BUT…my mind was in Ladybird mode.
    Anyhow…..not knowing how much of Ladybird I would have missed if I walked out looking for the right theater I stuck this movie out.

    It was really a great movie.
    James Franco plays an aging foreign actor who is trying to fool people into believing he is younger than he is and that he is from New Orleans to cover for his accent. His character is playing a bad actor and he does it perfectly.
    I don’t like to give away too much of any movie I see. I think the trailer videos tell it all.

    a Must see.