Britt G.

  • Blurring the Differences, Spanning the Globe

    Hey what’s popping in your neck of the woods Teach Peeps!?!

    Well, we are still on the virtual learning end over here although we got an email today saying t […]

  • Did The Holocaust break the poetry “Hallelujah”?

    Hey Teach-Peeps! What’s popping in classrooms (or living rooms) in your part of the world!?! Well, we are still on the Virtual Learning end here, as I am sure […]

  • The Realm of Magical Realism

    Hey you guys! Yes, I said that in my Sloth, from The Goonies, voice. What’s been going on in your part of the world teach peeps? Well, let me tell you about what’s been goi […]

  • What’s in a name?

    Hey y’all! What’s up teach peeps!?! So, we made it through another week! It’s been a hectic one for sure, I’ve been home with sick kiddos waiting on covid results, which-WHEW! Came back n […]

  • The Natural Spirit of Native America

    What’s up my teach peeps!?! It’s another week and another Britt Blog! This week we covered the Navajo Night Chant and Yellow Woman. Both of these stories are deeply roo […]

  • Keeping up with the Confucians

    Hey teacher pals! So, if you’re reading this, you are more than likely getting ready to delve into the world of Chinese Literature and looking for ideas to really bring t […]

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