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    The Backward Science

    Botany of all things. Why did she take the class in the first place? The reason she told everyone was she needed to take a science class for her major, but there was another reason. It gave her a chance to be near him. Get to know him and see if he was worth pursing a relationship with or not. Even if he did turn out to be a dude it did distract her mind from the betrayal of her last boyfriend.

    It wasn’t the betrayal that bothered her so much but his behavior when she comforted him about it. If he just came out and admitted that he did something wrong and apologized then it might have turned out different. Maybe not taking this boring science class studying plants. But like other men, he tried to make it like he did nothing wrong.

    Her thoughts where interrupted by her partner on this little field trip stopping all of the sudden and exclaiming

    “There is the plant we have been looking for all this time!!!!”

    She stopped and took a picture of the plant as proof they found it. Nothing worse than this little field trip on the border of somewhere and nowhere. But the icing on the cake was being partnered with this nerd. Whose ego seem to balloon finding this plant. A plant that no one else in their class found yet. Like finding something was something to celebrate and be proud about.

    Meanwhile the man she was interested in was partnered with someone else to make. She hopped that she would have him. That way she could talk with him and see if his personality was as interesting as his body. But instead stuck with this guy whose only interest seem to be finding the plants and being the teacher’s pet.

    If she knew she would be stuck with him, then she would have not shown up. Go to the beach and work on her suntan instead of getting blisters on her feet and trying to stay interested. But that is life sometimes. If she went to the beach then she wouldn’t have the chance to hang out with that man that interested her and that would not be good either. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. Right now she lost being stuck with this guy.

    Her big mistake was not considering that she might get stuck with a loser like this one. If she did consider the possibility then she would have brought a portable tape recorder and recorded what this nerd had to say. That way when she had her bouts of insomina she would have a cure in playing it back.

    Several tedious hours later they where back in the car driving home. Always seem to take forever to get out somehwere and back to civillization. Not help by the guy talking non-stop about the debate he had with one of his fellow nerds about brackets. The big question about using angle or square brackets in the paper they where writing. Now she was really depressed that she didn’t bring that tape recorder along!!!!

    Her spirits picked up when she looked up and saw it through the windshield just before the car hit it. The guy too busy talking about those brackets didn’t see it and ran over it. There was a loud noise as the car hit it and afterwords the car didn’t sound so good. Like something was broken inside. He pulled the car over.

    “I don’t recall a speed bump on the road when we came out here!!!” he said nervously.

    She smiled and said with some excitement “I don’t think that was a speed bump

    They got out of the car and looked back to what they hit with the car.

    “I don’t believe it. Its a body!!!!” the guy said nervously

    She turned and faced him to say

    “Oh believe it. Now this field trip is getting interesting”

    To be continued in “Letter C Challenge – A Crypt For You”