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  • lyn.barnes posted an update in the group Group logo of Poetry GroupPoetry Group 2 years, 8 months ago

    Does anyone know if there’s a way to post something so it shows here and in your blog history at the same time?

    • The way I understand it is that the blog and group functions operate independently from one another. If you post on your blog it will only appear there and not simultaneously across any groups you have joined. And by the same token, if you post in a group it will only appear there. The ‘Activity’ page will show everything new happening across the site and will display all your latest posts; this page is more an information channel so all members can see at a glance what has recently been posted.

    • Jules is correct. The blog and group parts of the site operate independently. To view your “personal site activity” — click at the top right of your screen — where it says “Howdy, lyn.barnes”. In the drop down menu click “activity”, then click “personal”.