• Diamond posted an update 2 years, 9 months ago

    Its hard not to forgive
    Its hard not to want to see others do good
    Good is all I ever see In people
    Lately bad is all ive ever been perceived as
    im trying- I tell myself
    Late at night
    Thoughts just piling
    And til this day the question remains
    What exactly am i trying to do ?
    Please you? Be someone im not for you?
    Am i really that bad? Why cant i connect with others?
    I love you but how can i tell you that
    Can you make me feel secure?
    I want to share my deepest secrets with you
    but i cant seem to get the words out
    Gave you all i can
    I understand its not enough for you
    I understand you dont have the patience for me
    I understand its time for you to go
    I understand i wasnt enough to hold on for
    the questions that now remain
    Why am i not enough for myself?
    Why do i try for others more than i do myself?
    Im the type to send paragraphs
    appreciating you
    Im the type to sit out all night with you
    sharing deep conversation
    Im the type to calmly communicate about an issue
    because its me n you vs the problem
    Not you vs I
    Im the one putting in effort
    Now i see why everyone around me is being removed
    You are not meant for me
    Our journey is now complete
    Theres no love lost
    Our paths are just completely different
    My path is yet to be seen
    But lord knows it’ll be a sight to see!