• My last thought admonishing Senators to vote according to their oath of office did not take into account that they are politicians. And politicians are always more concerned with the next election than what is […]

  • Imagine a world like this. So many things would be different.

  • When it’s decision time, I am often reminded of Robert Frost’s poem:

    ‘The road not taken’, and now it seems that the Republican senators have to decide which ‘road’ to take:

    “…Two roads diverged in a w […]

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  • If any one knows me they know I absolutely love DIY projects 🛠 and watching shows like this. I think because of the Covid slow down of new shows over here some of our channels are showing older UK shows. WHICH ar […]

    • I love, love, love shows like this.
      So interesting! I would buy up a Chateau like this in a heartbeat if I could. Reminds me of some of the pictures my dad’s godmother in Switzerland used to send.

      I also love watching Fixer Upper, Joanna and Chip. Tiny Houses. They truly amaze me!

      • YES…..I have to monitor how many shows I get into because they are addicting. AND…there are so many shows like this out there.
        I think from what I saw…they have lived there a few years and still have not got to half the rooms. Renovating them that is.

        • They really are very addicting.
          It’s been quite easy for me to get hooked on them last year. The company I work for has had all 150 of us working remotely, so I turn the TV on for noise, and of course, end up watching while doing tasks.

          I can’t even imagine renovating that many rooms. That is a LOT!!!

          • You got to work from home? Thank goodness for that. Being able to keep working through this pandemic. I would be horrible at it. I see those commercials where people are in pajama bottoms and nice tops doing conference calls. I know myself…..I would probably start watching soap operas all day and actually getting some work done at midnight ☺️
            YES….45 rooms in this Chateau. I definitely would have to marry a Journeyman to do all this work. You should start watching the show…..this man could do everything. He is ex military and a chef. He also is a trained gardener I think…he just knows it all. And she is so cute. She is so talented with design and unique ideas. And to do all of this with small children….AMAZING.

    • This is quite a lengthy documentary series which first began airing in June 2016.
      It has 7 seasons, and 32 episodes in all.
      So there’s much to see if you want to watch the entire series.

      There are several DIY shows which come and go in the UK and one of the stand-out programs is called “Grand Designs” – a program which follows the construction of a house from foundations to the roof. It may sound ordinary but it really isn’t.

    • Are you serious?
      I can’t wait for them to release more Chateau seasons.
      We also have MANY shows like this. But I was drawn to the Chateau because of the amazing castle like home….and the beautiful couple doing it all.

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  • My sister “Queen of Horror” sent this to me earlier today and I didn’t watch it at the time because I wasn’t in the mood to watch a horror scene. But she assured me it was different. So….I just watched it. […]

    • There’s much one can read into this film – allegory or metaphor, but I wouldn’t consider it a horror film. 11 people all sat around a table feasting on what will become their last supper. The biblical last supper was attended by Jesus and his 12 disciples. Biblical connotations?

      The diners’ appear to be eating several endangered species with gusto, and have no moral compunction over the terrible consequences such attitudes will ultimately cause. So Mankind sinks under the weight of his own sins – this being gluttony, and again, another biblical reference is exposed. In a visual metaphor we see the diners’ and their table drop to the lower floor. . .are there no limits that mankind will sink to for momentary satisfaction?

      Maybe they are in purgatory forced to repeat their past sins before ascending to heaven?

      The script writer definitely had something in mind when this was written, and even to the casual viewer it is clear that there is so much more going on here then what is seen on the surface. It’s the insatiable appetite – primarily – the need to use up all the Earth’s resources rather than protect them. Mankind is descending rather than ascending as He should be.

      There is more, but I could go on forever.

    • I think you hit all areas that we discussed over this. Well….the thoughts the people in the group brought up to her and she shared with me. And I just realized DoDo bird me didn’t post my view. I thought for sure Gluttony ….that was the only thing I saw. But she brought up all the ideas she was discussing with other people….which was along the lines of what you wrote. Your very observant Jules.
      I also felt….this short film was not “Horror” unless of course you are a devout religious being 🙃 It is labeled Horror which is why I didnt watch it right away. So again….agree with Jules on this.
      But I also felt it was a nicely made short film.

      I started watching a show which distracted me from posting my view here last night. I can’t stand getting caught up in a series. 😁

  • One of my teachers was very sick with Covid. She was in the hospital for a while. But yesterday, the doctors took her off the machines, and her kids told her goodbye one last time. She passed away late last […]

    • Sorry for your loss. Every death from Covid is tragic and more so when you knew the person on a personal level.

    • Sorry to read this Bailey. We wear our mask here in my household and do our best to keep others safe.

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  • I wish I could hand them all a fluffy pillow & a cup of hot tea 🍵

    • All this for one moment of national insanity.

      • Yes! We could have had this on the “day of insanity” but some people in the White House didn’t think it would “look” good.

    • And a warm blanket. Bless each and every one of them. I heard yesterday that at least 20,000 National Guard members are expected to be in Washington D.C. for President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration, which is roughly four times more than the amount of troops currently in Afghanistan and Iraq combined.

      • Uh huh…..my sister has been moved to a smaller base and smaller living quarters in Afghanistan since bases have been closing over there.
        Just seeing these soldiers sleeping there to keep everyone safe gave me such a feeling of good and warmth.

    • Are these the National Guard gathered in the Capitol to keep our Congresspersons safe? If so, give ’em a blanket and pillow for me. 🙂

  • As above, then so below
    Not so true right now
    In height I find the solace
    That only a dream will allow
    I know I am not alone
    As I watch the clouds go by
    It’s so safe and serene up here
    In my imaginary city in the sky

    • Its so mesmerizing and calming

      • This was a spontaneous response to the news that over 1500 people died of Covid today – a daily record in the UK.
        I was thinking of places to escape the pandemic.

        • This world right now is so crazy and stressful. Sometimes we just need a break from life.

    • Very touching Jules. Covid #’s are horrible over here too 😞

      • I think everyone dreams of a time when Covid goes away forever, but the realist in me doubts it.

        • Im with you on that. I have one son who reads everything and he told me when this started that this was going to be like the flu….it will not go away. And sure enough……that is what is being reported.

    • I love that picture, looks magically lovely.

  • Rep. Andy Kim on going viral for picking up trash at Capitol: ‘If something is broken, we can work to fix it’

    Arnold Schwarzenegger Blasts ‘Failed Leader’ Trump, Compares Capitol Riot To Nazi Violenc […]

  • Agreed that all capital rioters need punishment, but more importantly we must insure that it does not happen again.  As Cato the Younger warned

    “Other crimes you may punish after they have been committed; but […]

    • It was scary what happened at the Capitol. I do believe these people should be punished to help preventing this from becoming something more. What is really disappointing is that Trump basically encouraged this.

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  • A few days ago, someone asked me if water is wet. My automatic response was

    “Of course not. Water is not wet. Water makes things wet.”

    But later that day, I began to wonder if my answer was actually […]

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