• A whole Honey Bee Swarm stopped in for a rest. I was washing dishes this afternoon and kept seeing bee’s flying by the window. I had read on our neighborhood site that people recently are experiencing these […]

    • To show a bit about me, my first thought on reading the title was “hope nobody got stung’. πŸ™‚

      • Ha! LUcKiLy no one has been stung …yet.
        They are still here. I hope they leave soon because I was thinking if I had to call someone to come get them…..the only way to that spot is thru the house.

    • So the queen apparently is enjoying my hospitality and is getting a bit too comfortable here. I must stop serving them tea.

  • What has gotten into these people? Is this too good to be true? AGAIN….not wanting to get political here but this is so nice to hear him encouraging mask wearing.

    Way to go Mitch.

    • Independentthinker…..I see your reply in the pending box but you included a questionable link which is the reason your comment wasn’t approved. It has nothing to do with your opposing view on mask. If you delete the link I can approve your comment.

  • I don’t want to get all political here but HE IS WEARING A MASK and I am actually happy about it. AND he is encouraging others to do the same. I know it’s a little late in the game but I feel it was a smart […]

    • To me it’s a very simple choice. . .you either heed the warnings, or you do not.

      • Well….to some of us IT IS simple. But our President and Vice President have NOT recommended mask over here. They were making claims that the seriousness of Covid19 was a hoax. So to have our VP now encourage wearing mask…..5-6 months into the pandemic? Their followers will not wear them unless they hear it from their leaders. So yeah….it’s a good thing.

    • I agree, I am happy he is doing it….finallly. πŸ™‚

  • I have this thing about laziness.. not physical laziness mind you, but rather mental laziness. in particular I’m referring to reading and writing literacy.

    When I was growing up back in the 60’s it seems […]

    • Sadly, there has always been a sort of anti-intellectualism within parts of this nation. My father, for example, believed that the more books you read, the less sane you would become. Reading a lot of books would literally, in his mind, drive you crazy.

      Suffice it to say, he never read anything. He was a conservative Christian, but I don’t even think he spent a lot of time reading the Bible. He just trusted to what the preacher and/or his father had told him. I never understood it either but such it was.

      My father was born in 1912 so it isn’t a new situation….maybe just more weaponized with the current marriage between extreme right wing politics and extreme conservative religion in this country.

      • yes…… Ok…..so I remember watching a little bit of Glenn Beck years ago on the Fox network. And he was talking as if he was talking to children trying to explain something or another. I really wasn’t listening to what he was saying but was just amazed at what he was doing. Not only was he talking as if he was talking to children he was using donuts and chalk boards to give his viewers visual tools to help them understand. He moved donuts around…..cut some into pieces and moved them around….scribbled in the chalk board.
        Ok….lost my train of thought here but I think someone may get my point.

        • It was sad really with my father. He might very well have eaten up that simplistic explanation from Glen Beck. I remember a former brother in law of his who apparently made a comment one time, and my father repeated it for years to come. It was based on nothing more than an off-hand observation with any deep knowledge of what he was talking about in both cases.

          • I get it. When ever I hear a crazy story from anyone that sounds like it may have teeth…..I research before I repeat it. Luckily I have a circle of family and friends who are pretty knowledgeable in different fields so I get some great information from them whenever I ask.

    • America not only grants work visas to labor workers from across the border to work our farms…we also grant work visas to the most intelligent foreigners to work in our labs and hold high positions in our tech companies.
      We apparently think we are above picking fruit but we also do not have enough people in our work force who are intelligent enough to develop cures and design technology of the future. Which is why our government has to grant these visas.
      So yeah…..it’s laziness.

  • The new names of my cat’s. Nah…..its the name of a local restaurant we have in San Diego that received mention in the Michelin Guide? They didn’t receive a star…but they were mentioned which usually means […]

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  • I usually don’t engage in internet battles and can easily just walk away when someone tries to provoke me. Mind you….I only walk away because it is so easy for me to OBLIVIATE people and it truly wouldn’t […]

    • Wow, don’t wipe me from existence, I am innocent, I tell you, innocent. πŸ™‚ Yeah, I admit it, I had to look up the word obliviate to see what it meant.

      • Hahaha…I have had to look up MANY words in my lifetime too. And you have absolutely nothing to worry about….cause I think you are one cool cat. As for obliviate …..I pretty much just obliviate them from MY existence by “blocking” them. WHICH means…..I WIN I WIN I WIN. ha!
        It’s kinda fun using dramatic words sometimes.

    • Jules replied 1 week ago

      I tend to steer clear of most internet trappings, social media sites, or any other offering dubious free-speech conversations. People seem to have a false impression that they need to be right all the time, and just as soon as you’ve thrown them a bone, they come bounding back with it hanging out of their drooling mouths. Such is humanity on the internet.

      • Monica replied 1 week ago

        YES….that is exactly how it happens. I wonder if these online Keyboard warriors have much face to face human interaction.

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    Sundays are my favorite day of the week. Someone once said….you could be locked underground for years and if you emerged above ground on a Sunday….you would know.

    And of course we can’t forget the […]

    • So I started my Sunday off drinking my hot green tea watching Jacques P`epin make a Chicken dish I wanted to make for dinner. But of course I didn’t take the chicken out of the freezer in time to thaw so I will save that for another day.
      I made my second cup of tea and watched “Sleepless in Seattle”. I love Seattle…and love that movie too.
      I am someone who can not be lazy all day so I got moving around and worked on my Heirloom Tomato plants. I didnt finish transplanting all of them but I will save the rest for tomorrow. I washed up and now I am taking off for my Sunday Drive.
      I absolutely love a Sunday drive through the mountains. I end my drives down at the beach.

      I hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday.

    • Meant to say, love the pictures.

    • Thanks …but they aren’t really as clear as I thought they were. I was gifted a new iPad Pro and was trying to post with it but no luck. But I was able to save pictures from the internet on it and use them on my laptop to post. But on the iPad they were so clear and pretty.

      Clear or not……I love Sundays πŸ˜‰

  • Hope everyone had a wonderful Solstice.

    • The annual Summer Solstice meet at Stonehenge was cancelled due to the Corona Virus, so the British Heritage Foundation set up cameras and fed a live feed of the event online so people could witness the sunset at the historic site.

      • That was a very nice thing for the British Heritage Foundation to do. I bet those that wanted to go but couldn’t because it was cancelled as an event enjoyed it.

        • Yes it was a nice gesture. Most of our historic institutions and organisations are excellent when it comes to compensating the unexpected. And speaking of the unexpected. . .archaeologists over here have just discovered a new ‘outer’ ring at Stonehenge; this is a significant discovery which reveals the true extent of this historic site.

          • And what is that true intent? Have they clarified? I guess I could look it up on google. πŸ™‚

            It sounds like an interesting new development.

            • “And what is that true intent?”

              That’s a debate that has rumbled on for decades; the experts all have their own take as to what Stonehenge was built and used for but rarely do they all agree. Was it practical or spiritual? Was it a place to offer sacrifice or perform other rituals? Was it built as crude ground clock to record the passing of time? And what happens at the Summer Solstice strongly suggests spiritual worship of some sort or other.

              The debate will rage on forever and, for something that old one will have to delve deeper than anyone else to finally dig up and uncover the real purpose behind Stonehenge. Personally speaking, I like the mysticism that attaches itself to Stonehenge, it leaves so much more room for fantasy and romanticism.

              • Oh, I much prefer the mystery and mysticism as well. I read your comment as saying that somehow that outer ring had somehow answered the question. Glad that the mystery and romanticism is still available.

                • I think you misread it. I said the discovery reveals the true ‘extent’ not ‘intent’ of the site. πŸ™‚

                  • And you would be right to think that, because that is precisely what I did. I looked at the word “extent” twice or more, and “saw” the word as intent.

                    My apologies.

      • This horrible virus. I am going to see if I could find a video on the sunset. At least with the video…more people can see it directly and not from way on the outskirts at the gathering.

  • I have mentioned before many of my detriment, both mental and physical, as well as emotional, which I guess fall under the mental category, but, as I say, wgaf..?

    I was treated for the throat cancer 5 years […]

    • My brother was in an accident maybe 35 (?) years ago and has permanent damage. It was a head injury which paralyzed 1/2 of his body and since he was in a coma the Tracheotomy did damage to his vocal cord. After recovery he had to learn to speak again and has since finished getting his degree but he is somewhat like you. The vocal cord damage makes his voice deep and low and with half his body behind paralyzed his speech his slow. So people look at him the same way…as if maybe he mentally isn’t all there when in fact he is very intelligent and can carry on a great debate on any topic. There are times he does gets aggravated with people…..but he has a few friends who are patient and enjoy his conversations.

      I was signed up for a sign language class before this Covid hit…..but may just take it online. it is something I have always wanted to learn. Maybe it is something you should look into. Not many people actually know how to use it…but it would give you a way to communicate should you also lose your hearing.
      They also have options for that too. My Aunt lost her hearing years ago and was one of the first patients to get Cochlear Implant. It’s amazing the things that are available these days. Its an implant in the skull….and they have a magnetic attachment that goes behind the ear that allows people to hear. So she can take off the attachment when she sleeps and just needs to change batteries.

      • I have been taking ASL off and on, for years, but even that, now that I have also lost the use of left arm/hand due to stroke, is futile. As I said, it’s not really that important to me because my mind races so fast inn a continuous basis that neither my voice, nor my hands can even begin to keep up, so I still seem like I am off the chain. Told ya before, I’m a “hot mess.” I much prefer writing, but you cannot have a conversation online via typing, especially when one party only has access to one hand/one finger. But writing is my outlet, and is one of the only things in life I am halfway good at. It gives me great satisraction.

        • My brother loves to write too. But he uses pen and paper.
          He is always journaling and mailing letters.
          He has a few neighbors in his building who will meet him to discuss different topics.
          His education is in the Mental Health field so he loves to discuss those topics with people.
          Anyhow….its good you have an outlet to raise Caine πŸ˜‰

  • So I have this curiosity..?

    I am constantly besieged by new followers, along with message requests, in the Instagram, and it kind of spins the inside of my brain sideways.

    All these follows and message […]

  • I absolutely enjoy watching old episodes of Barney Miller. I remember my parents watching it when I was growing up and I had no interest in it. But a while back I was down and out with Vertigo and ended up […]

    • I quite forgot about this classic show. I used to watch it all the time when it was on years back. Our good old BBC2 aired it at the time of its heyday. And I also remember the music.

      • Oh the music……it was so fitting. And the video I posted totally skipped the intro with that cool music track. Ill add it here. And the BBC aired/airs a lot of American shows right?

        • This reply could take a book’s worth of space so I’ll restrain myself and keep it short.
          In the early 70’s we only had 3 tv channels to choose from: BBC1, BBC2, and ITV….that was it, nothing else!
          So in order to keep a high level of programs in their schedule the BBC imported several American shows that were popular at that time. They got comedy shows, crime dramas, action shows, etc,,,etc. and they all had their allotted time and space on the BBC.

          Barney Miller was one such show which occupied a half-hour slot, usually shown around 9 at night or later. I even remember Lou Grant from back then – among others. And just off the top of my head here’s a quick list of shows that I used to watch.

          Top of the pile has to be my all time favourite American show: “The Rockford Files” with James Garner. No other show came close to this one.

          Streets of San Francisco.
          The Bionic Man.
          Lou Grant.
          Wonder Woman.

          As I said, just off the op of my head. If I think about it more then the list would get much bigger than what it is now.

          • I LOVED the Rockford Files. Now I am going to have to see if it’s showing on one of the many channels I never look at.
            Back in the day we were the same way. We only had a few channels and most would just go off the air at night. One channel would have all night movies on the weekend only. And when cable came along with multiple channels we also had the pay movie channels. BUT….I only recall our Public Broadcasting Station playing British shows on the weekend. And they would only show one or two. Now they show a few all week. And we also have a few BBC channels.

            Now I understand why an old Scottish friend I had on here knew so much more about American tv than I did.

    • I haven’t seen any of these shows for years and years. I want to say at least 30 years maybe. And yes, those characters did mesh really well. They should have some weird characters come into the station as well.

      And I loved the opening shot with the woman who didn’t know if she had been violated or not. I also liked Davis’s response. And, yes, I understand her confusion, and yes, metaphorically she had been violated. πŸ™‚

    • ……………………and it could and often was a very moving, even loving story. i almost cried at the end with the report that 10-fingers died in the park.

      • I just watched one today where Det. Harris gets shot at by other cops who didn’t know he was a cop. That episode was about racism in the force which is so fitting in todays environment.

    • Isn’t it sad to realize that some issues that were current back in the “good ole days” when that show was on (which has to be 30-40 years ago) are still issues today. That speaks to how well we have done at healing our racism and general antipathy toward each other as a society.

  • two yyoung black men found hanging from trees 45 miles apart in California in past month. America was built on racism and bigotry. The most emotionally insecure white men on earth. With the most emotionally […]

    • So, the rhetoric from the man in the White House supporting white Nationalists and other hard right racists and bigots has resulted now in lynching making a return. It just keeps getting worse.

    • It’s horrible. I am waiting to see what the investigation concludes. I hate to say this but I am hoping it was suicide. Both outcomes are horrible I know. But with the times we are going through……a lynching is the last thing we need.

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    What’s for dinner?

    • Tonight we drove thru Boston Market and ordered the Prime Rib. I have to say I was soooo impressed. They make a sweet potato casserole with marshmallow that was horribly good.

    • Today….I don’t know what’s for dinner yet. I had grandiose plans of hitting the market early to buy ingredients for a soup I have been craving but I ended up watching a few episodes of an old show. And that made me lazy for a few hours. I will ponder dinner a bit more. Until I figure that out….I am gonna drive thru Strarbucks down the hill for a beverage

  • Here in the environment of the supposed ” greatest economy in the history of ciivilization” I just spent the afternoon having a cookout with a few Trump supporters who were discussing how they cannot afford to […]

  • The morning arrived bringing with it small sporadic rain showers, and an easterly breeze continued to sweep across the lands. Hannah was first up, she had woke early feeling more than apprehensive about the day […]

  • I am well aware that my posts do not always seem consistent with the “one love” philosophy, what with the way i use words to criticize and illuminate certain topics.

    For elaboration I am going to mention […]

  • I believe,..No, I KNOW , the decision by Tubby the Toddler Trump to hold an ego basting campaign rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma of all places, on June 19th of all dates, at this point in American history when race hate […]

    • Not sure I would give him credit for such organized thought. Suspect he is just blathering on with his normal song of hate and division. Having said that, though…He seems to be pushing us further toward a potential of a civil war than we have been since 1865.

      • I don’t think it is a result of organized thought as much collateral damage from deranged power mad thought. I watch the people supporting him, particularly evangelical extremists and white supremacist types talking openly of civil war, and Trump is being pushed in this direction by them. If you remember, I was predicting the path he is now taking for over two years

  • “I refuse to wear the mask that MSM tells me to wear because freedom…oh, and because Hannity and Limbaugh told me not to because freedom.

    Same knuckleheads who have been proudly self identifying as […]

    • Hey, I like freedom…the freedom to live without coughing my lungs up because I was careless and refused to wear a mask to protect others…and to keep distance to protect myself.

    • Maybe if we put an American Flag on all mask….they will stop complaining.

      • I honestly dont believe the American flag means anything to Trump supporters. More effective would be a mask made of money. Money is the God of Trumplandia

    • πŸ™‚ you certainly have a way with words. I know I would rather take advice from Fauci or some medical person than from a blowhard on a political channel or the man in the White House who is consistently wrong about everything. But hey, whatever floats their boat. As long as they stay away from me and mine, i am happy.

  • One of my guilty pleasures is watching a reality show or two. How or when I came across Big Freedia is beyond me. I remember YEARS ago seeing the previews and would think…..who in the world would watch that […]

    • Interestingly enough Big Freedia and I have something in common. We both live in the Big Easy. Although she was the grand marshal for Gay Pride in 2019, I believe it was, I can’ say that I have even met her or followed her shows.

      She is popular more so, in the Black portions of the LGBTQ population of the city, but I believe she also has cross-over into the jump (I think is what her music genre is called) community as well as the general Black community of New Orleans. That is a huge demographic since 60 percent of New Orleans is the Black population. (yes, New Orleans is predominately minority ethnicity with Hispanics and Arabs also being heavily featured here).

      I might have to check some of her shows out, but I may be a bit too long to truly enjoy her form of entertainment. πŸ™‚

      • Watch her episodes……its so much more than her music. But it is all about her musical career and family drama…love life drama…dancers drama. And her genre is called “Bounce”. It’s what twerking came from. And Twerking makes no sense to me. It’s silly. And I also thought…WHAT IS THIS NOISE. I think I was amazed with the way the dancers “bounce” their butts. It isn’t an easy thing to do. But as I watched the show…learned the history of the genre I learned to appreciate it. The dancing and the music. And truly….I fell in love with Big Freedia…the gentle giant.

        Like I said….it isn’t to “bounce”

        Just cause I love her……..she can be so proper πŸ˜‰

        • I watched most of these two. I can see you enjoying the show, and the drama. There is just something missing with a celebrity of her type that doesn’t bring “the drama”. Bounce, sorry, not my thing. I have seen people on the street just twerking their back ends at the travel and it just doesn’t make sense to me.

          Now, things like the second one, where she is working with Chef Ronnie, who is a piece of eye candy, if I have ever seen any, I would likely enjoy along with others like that.

          And yet, she is famous for the family drama as well. Part of the results of some of that drama is she nearly, or maybe did, spend time in prison.

          It had something about her living arrangements and the amount of money she made….apparently was living with a relative in the Housing Projects…which is what got her in trouble. I believe she was actually there, however, because she was trying to take care of her money, but the government didn’t see it that way. πŸ™‚

          Oh and I just noticed the family drama video on down the page. I am going to have to listen to THAT. πŸ™‚

    • I can honestly say I’ve never heard of this show. I might have to look it up now out of sheer curiosity.

      • The show covers everything between his love life/family life and the management of his musical career. DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA.

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