• Nobody, you are presenting it more correctly than many others. First they tried to say it was “suppression of free speech” which it is certainly not. Nobody stopped him from issuing the statements and using a privately owned and run company, Twitter, to do so. And they didn’t actually even fact check him. That would have been to say “this is…[Read more]

  • sorry….above, I realized that I have some wrong words….in my haste, that is often something I am prone to. However, I tried to update it but couldn’t and thought I would delete and re-enter, but it only deleted from the feed not from here…. 🙂

    Obviously there are things I still need to learn how to do, and one of them is update a comment.

  • This article has a lot of information….which I will probably need time to read and digest. But one thing that sticks out is that the common cold is a coronavirus. What makes that interesting and important right now, is that the common cold can be gotten several times, not just once. Usually it is once or twice a year as a possible time spread…[Read more]

  • If you have written about it here, maybe i will dig thought your posts to see if I can find it. Or if you have links. But no urgency either way.

    I just think it might be interesting to see what kinds of things you would taught.

  • I have pretty strong opinions about the situation, but at least I am capable of understanding that we all have to pick the media sources that we give credence to. Most media sources have some sort of leaning as to ideology.

    However, some media is also backed up by years of reporting, often when being caught making mistakes and having it called…[Read more]

  • No, conservatives are not silenced. What some folks do is silence them on their particular blogs and facebook postings and particularly in groups. Yet, a pretty liberal group is often over-run by people of the trump mentality invading and insisting on pushing their agenda.

    To prove your point even more, one of trump’s most recent rampages is…[Read more]

  • Yeah, you have a point. I think many of us in the West have an exaggerated view of just how much separate we are from others. Myself included, but times like this serve as a reminder.

  • (from Forbes article listed in links)

    Ok, I went to bed last night exhausted and not angry, just tired. But how can one NOT be angry for very long when our country is in such disarray from the top. The […]

    • nobody replied 6 days ago

      Brit Hume, like Trump and most of his base, is just trolling with his comments about Biden. Trolling for attention is all these people have. It is impossible to have a conversation with one of these people because all they do is regurgitate nonsense coming from the idiots influencing them. Trump supporters never engage in discourse, are unwilling or incapable of the give and take of answering questions. They seem incapable of articulating what it is they are so angry about because they themself have no idea. Their anger comes from being emotionally manipulated by influencers, and they know it. They are irrational. The majority of the things they might consider “hot button” issues actually have nothing to do with their day to day life. They just see and hear things they dont like, and think they have a right to control those actions of other people which have nothing to do with their own life.

      • I have pretty strong opinions about the situation, but at least I am capable of understanding that we all have to pick the media sources that we give credence to. Most media sources have some sort of leaning as to ideology.

        However, some media is also backed up by years of reporting, often when being caught making mistakes and having it called to their attention, having the intrigrity to admit making the mistake and moving on. Other media sources tend to not ever be challenged by their readers…ones such as infowars, AmericanThinker, the Daily Caller etc, and never made to recant.

        And yet get parroted all over the internet as gospel. There are even so called experts that have claimed things that are just unbelievable and which would require a conspiracy of literally millions too achieve, being still touted as “experts” and evidence of a conspiracy long after they have been discredited. A Dr Mikokiv or some similar name is one that was thrown up to me as “proof” of my error recently.

  • “Freedom” is never without limits and when people yell “freedom” as their excuse for endangering other people’s lives, it is almost unforgivable. What it is without question is SELFISH.

    A bunch of Typhoid Mary’s running around carrying the virus to others because they need a hair cut or some other insignificant thing. People yell free speech…[Read more]

  • Well, like I said I was never high level, in fact me and one other person on the league used to compete to see which one was worse. It was a game that we got humor out of it and added to the fun. I bowled, in a league for several years, but eventually stopped enjoying it as I didn’t really jell with the team I was assigned to. in addition, I had…[Read more]

  • Really, even if the virus hastened their death? I don’t agree.

  • To clarify, the recording is public….of him making fun of the disabled reporter. The Russian thing was one of his hundreds of tweets that he seems to send out almost every day,

  • It is interesting hearing “Globalist” reference isn’t it. Sounds familar doesn’t it. What is this thing some people have against understanding that the world is much smaller every day. We are all interconnected these days. Things that affect Europe end up affecting America and things that affect us eventually affect Asia and so on.

    We need…[Read more]

  • Yep, I have as well. Some very interesting ones. I put in a request, for what it means if it is just me, to one to continue to put out the virtual services. This is one that I have gone to in the past physically. They are planning to continue virtual services, specifically for those who are sick, or afraid under the circumstances.

    And the…[Read more]

  • My church that I was active in before I came to New Orleans from Tennessee, definitely fit into the category you mention. The pastor did, in fact, believe in God, but not the punishing, demanding God that these literalists do. He believed that God was a spirit that encouraged and coached us to do better, and be better.

    He had as little…[Read more]

  • It’s nice to see famous people like this doing things for charity. I wish I had learned golf. I didn’t seem to have the talent for it. I tried one session in college as a PE credit or at least I think it was in college. Anyway, I do remember that I never once got a ball in the hole. I was a total kutz.

    The only game I have played, even…[Read more]

  • I clicked on the Washington Post article you referenced. I know I am not subscribed to that publication. However, lately when it is directly related, as judged by the paper, as being covid-19 information, it has been opened for all. That was true for the article I used, however, not for the one you listed.

    That leads me to believe that in…[Read more]

  • That article I could read because It was directly related to Covid-19. I will try to read the article you posted and come back and tell you want I think. I admit good point here.

  • I refuse to follow trump’s advice on anything unless it is borne out by actual research. So when he says “hydroxychloroquine” is a good drug for it, I immediately realized no way unless a doctor that I trust, and I don’t mean Dr Phil or Dr Drew, recommends it. And at this point if my personal doctor said that was one of the preventives, I would…[Read more]

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