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  • Beautiful song. More of a religious song…but I find such beauty in songs of any faith.

  • olla posted an update 2 years, 5 months ago

    @zengen it’s good to see you again.. seems we still have a friendship from before.. I didn’t need to accept.. it is good when the ties that bind work as they should..

  • well.. I just happened to need to open the email account I have connected to this site and found email from some old friends.. so I came to respond to them.. and what to my wondering eye did I find.. not one.. […]

  • I absolutely LOVE Aidy Bryant. I think she plays some of the funniest characters on Saturday Night Live. Her show on Hulu to me is absolutely funny and yet touches on some deep…maybe more semi deep topics. I […]

    • Wow it is funny Too bad I don’t have Hulu. Maybe I need to check on getting that.

      • YES….check into it. I THINK Hulu has a 30 day free trial. We’ve had Hulu for so long I can’t remember. But it may be one of those subscriptions where you have to cancel membership before the 30 days so you don’t get charged. But that would give you 30 days to watch all you want. The movie selection isn’t that great….but don’t take my word for it because I can’t remember the last time I actually scrolled through the movies. BUT…the television series are great.
        Check into it. You would LOVE Shrill.

        • hmmm, I bought a Roku attachment, which, if I ever get around to hooking it up, might be the answer. It has only been 3 weeks..LOL

          • ONLY 3 weeks……ha! Not too bad. Now if it were 8 weeks I might have to say something.
            I think we have the “fire sticks” on the tv in the family room and the tv in my room. I did have the google tv thing but it wasn’t so easy to use. I had to use my phone to control it and since my room is downstairs up against a mountain wall…signals get dropped easily. So I would sit there with a little spinning image on my screen. The Amazon Fire Sticks work amazing though. I have not had an issue with them so far.

  • Lefty…..are you hunkered down?

    I hope everyone living in her path got out of there safely or will stay safe if you didn’t leave. They are saying she is going to be “unsurvivable” for folks on the […]

    • Hey, Laura seems to have missed New Orleans. I think it did quite a bit of damage along the border with Texas and then of course into Texas. The city in Louisiana that got the most damage seems to have been Lake Charles.

      • THANK GOODNESS for you and a “few” other people. I had to watch the weather channel because it is the in thing for these news crews to stand in the middle of a hurricane for the story. It just amazes me of how CRAZY people are….

  • We have a local taco shop that has been there for over 30 years. They are not large and fancy…..but they have the best Carne Asada/ Salsa/Guacamole/ Beans that you can find anywhere. They make these giant […]

    • I knew how this was going to end before I read the ending. That is really sad and at the same time delivers a poignant message to us all. Fortunately, in my social bubble, I know of no one who has contracted Covid. . .yet. I just hope it stays that way.

      • YES….I hope it stays that way for you to Jules.
        My brother who moved to South Dakota just signed up to volunteer to do deliveries for people in Quarantine because of Covid. He is a retired Fireman/ex Marine so it is embedded in him to help. He is overly cautious so I feel really comfortable with him going out there and doing this.

    • I think the fact that there is so much we still don’t know about Covid-19 is what makes it even more scary. For example, they still aren’t sure you can’t get it once or twice a year, just like you can a bad cold. Imagine something like a bad cold that kills. Scary. In addition, there is research that suggests that even people who don’t show the extreme symptoms, and seem not to react, have internal damage that doesn’t become obvious till the person has a thorough examination or comes down with something latter on and then find that there is lung damage.

      So, nobody seems to really be safe from this virus, not even children. This woman that had no pre-existing weakness, at least not that anybody was aware of, passing in a week is an example of just how scary it is.

    • I don’t think it was man mad in the sense that some mad scientist brewed it up in a lab, although I could possibly be wrong on that. I do think that our pollution and continued abuse of the atmosphere has caused things to morph and mutant and become worse.

  • My 29 year old Baby Boy is home from England. He was there for 6 months. He currently is in an Airbnb doing a 14 day quarantine before he comes home. I am happy and relieved he is back on the same soil as I […]

    • I’m glad he’s back safe and sound and. . .I hope he has nothing but good things to say about his time spent in England?

      Growls on standby!

      • You silly 😉 He may actually be moving there. He didn’t get to experience much of it due to Covid. He was in Folkestone so he spent most of his time down by the shore. Every time he called me I heard loud seagulls.

  • Ok Jules….I circled the comet.

    Also we drove up the mountain again tonight earlier to hopefully see the meteor shower …and unfortunately we met up with the clouds. My pictures have been horrible […]

    • OK. . .now you point it out I see it. I did look at that in your first picture but thought it was a smudge on the lens. And furthermore, my eyesight isn’t as good as it once was – so I’m sticking with that excuse! So how did the comet look to the naked eye rather than through a camera lens?

      • AMAZING! We always sit/stand in silence as we just stare out into space or at the comet or at the meteors or the sunsets/sunrise. The comet won’t be back around for another 6800 years. Just staring at it and trying to grasp that takes some time.

        • It is amazing how you can never catch anything that has a light element to it, like fireworks or a comet, with as much clarity as you see it with your own eyes.

          • For me at least this is true. Because I brought my fancier camera with new batteries the second night and we could not get it to catch light. But my son….who has thousand dollar lenses can catch everything….and things our eyes can not see. I was going to ask him to send me his pictures he took….he normally does. But this is my experience….so my fuddy duddy pictures tell my story 😉

            • Yes, like everything else, if you have invested in the very best equipment, you have a better chance of getting great pictures. However, I never devoted the money to it to have all the big powerful lens…just the ones that came with the camera. 🙂

              • At a time years ago I invested in a nicer camera but I let my YOUNGER sons play with it and it became theirs. Nowadays I don’t think I want to devote the time with pictures…so I won’t invest in another camera. But I have to watch what I say around my sons because they are already looking into cameras for me since mine isn’t acting the way it should. I told them…I don’t really think I want one now. But if I decide….I can afford to buy myself one. They buy me everything ….and things I don’t really use. I just don’t want them or anyone wasting money like that. Now if it did become my hobby or career…sure…I can see it. But I just play around with my photos which my iPhone11 does a wonderful job for just that.

                • Yea, I have a camera, but hardly ever remember to take it with me anymore. Since I don’t dress anymore, haven’t in about two years, it just isn’t worth it to me. Although occasionally I will dig it out to take pictures of scenery. Like recently I took some pictures of all the water in the street and the courtyard at my apartment to show how New Orleans rain acts.

                  • SAME HERE. I always forget it. I was taking it with me for a while there…..and I would leave it in the car. And of course…my oldest son would always find the car door unlocked with my camera and car keys in the car. AND I would never hear the end of it.
                    Yeah…I went through a real forgetful time there. So I can’t blame him for looking out for me. I was making really dumb mistakes.

                    • That reminds me of one time when I went to a movie. I gave the ticket person my money for the ticket, and turned away leaving the change and the ticket, and started to go on in. They had to call me back to give me my change as well as the ticket.

                      Now if you want to play a game of “I bet you never forgot that”, I can probably beat you..and the funny was it wasn’t even after I started getting older. I am 66 now, and that was about 25-30 years ago. LOL

    • hmmmm, what are we talking about??? 🙂

    • By the way, the page didn’t give me a “reply” after your last comment, so I don’t know if you are getting the reply or not…not THAT is something I didn’t forget…LOL

      • As if I understand what you are talking about 😀
        I just hit reply and keep my fingers crossed I spelled everything correct cause I am horrible at proof reading. I really should hire a secretary.

        • What I was saying is that on your prior message….the one before I typed the message you are now responding to….I didn’t get a reply button to hit. So, I just typed it and it looked from my end like just another comment.

          • Ohhhh……got it. I think we have the response threads set to 10 comments? We can change it I think….I will look into it. Because though we don’t have many threads that get a back and forth comment is a pain when you reach the last comment and have to respond on a different line HOPING someone sees it.

  • The Perseid Meteor Shower is peaking in a an hour or two and we are talking about driving up the mountain to watch for a bit.

    When my sons were little we would bundle them up…pack snacks and throw our […]

    • ok…just got back and I only saw 6 meteors when we read it would be 100 an hour. So we are going to go again tomorrow earlier. And I took my fancier camera and when I got there discovered my batteries were low and about to die. So….it was just a nice trip up the mountain. It was warm and dry up there.

    • I see no comet. . .where is it?

  • I saw this story on my local news but was unable to get it to post here. I found this video with the same people on Youtube. Audio is horrible but worth trying to listen. Would be fun renovating one of these old […]

  • I was just talking to a friend about things we really REALLY miss and can’t wait to get back to. One being…LIVE MUSIC. Live music does wonderful things for our Spirits. All music in all forms is […]

  • I was going to say he was /is so ahead of his time. But he really isn’t. He is just teaching what is right in front of us.

  • Sounds so similar to Bon Iver. Beautiful piece.

  • She’s beautiful. She looks like a young Sharon. I knew they had another daughter who didn’t want to be filmed but I didn’t know she was in the music business.

    Also… a commenter on Youtube pointed out “Goth […]

  • Hmmmm……

    • Pass!

      • Yeah….. I heard the song while driving the other day …don’t know if THIS was the song because I saw the name Oliver Tree. So I wanted to look more into this artist and found a crazy character.

  • Monica wrote a new post, Bison 2 years, 6 months ago

    Bison meat taste so good. It is becoming more and more popular especially since we just had a small meat shortage. Costco was selling ground Bison meat next to the empty Ground Beef section. Costco has been […]

    • I have never eaten a Bison and by the look of them they could probably eat me!

      I like plain meat recipes with plenty of added flavour – usually made with tons of garlic and onion.

      Mince Lamb or Beef Potato Bake:

      1lb of mince Lamb/Beef.
      2 small onions finely chopped.
      Garlic to taste – I use 4-5 finely chopped cloves depending on their size.
      Tin chopped tomatoes.
      6 – 8 potatoes peeled and sliced thinly.
      2 Table spoons tomato puree.
      Salt & pepper.
      Lamb or Beef stock. Use the whole stock cube but reduce the water to half pint.

      Dry fry the mince with the onions and garlic until the meat is browned.
      Add the salt & pepper.
      Add the tomato puree.
      Add the chopped tomatoes.
      Add the stock.

      Reduce the cooking time to half or less (I cook it for about 10 minutes) it will cook thoroughly when transferred to the oven.

      Peel the potatoes and slice them thinly.

      Set the oven to gas mark 6 / 204 C.

      Lightly grease an ovenproof dish and pour the meat mixture into it.
      Cover the meat mixture evenly with the sliced potatoes making a decorative pattern. Lightly brush some oil over them with a sprinkling of salt & pepper.

      Bake in the oven for 30 – 40 minutes or until the potatoes have browned.

      Serve with your choice of vegetables.

      • THIS is such an easy recipe. My household doesn’t eat lamb or goat. My sons prefer simple things. But we have a local steakhouse that serves Lamb Lollipops which I LOVE.

        I am going to copy this recipe to try when my other son comes home in a few weeks. He is the only son who loves new foods.
        And Bison are humongous and beautiful.

    • The recipe is a base which can be easily adapted to personal taste. You could also add herbs if you like. A couple of swigs of Worcestershire sauce is also good.

  • It’s so simple yet so good.

    I remember my mother making us fried egg sandwiches on white bread with mustard when we would go to the drive In movies. My sisters would make brown bags full of buttered […]

    • That’s one of the all time classics. My version includes melted cheese with either pickle or brown sauce. Also, the egg has to be cooked just right so that when you bite into the sandwich the egg yolk oozes out the sides and gives you egg face!

      • Egg face 😀 Your version sounds good….but I don’t know about the brown sauce. what is it?

        • Brown sauce is one of those things that’s hard to describe, but I’m sure you’ve got it over there. You have tomato sauce which is red, and you have brown sauce which is brown. The taste is a lot stronger and compliments many foods depending on your taste. One popular brand over here is made by HP – or as it’s usually known as – HP Sauce.

          If you search the net for brown sauce this is what you get back regarding ingredients.

          Ingredients include a varying combination of tomatoes, molasses, dates, apples, tamarind, spices, vinegar, and sometimes raisins. The taste is either tart or sweet with a peppery taste similar to that of Worcestershire sauce.

          • Interesting. I was going to say Brown Gravy…but brown gravy has a beef base. We have a cute little UK market down the hill…I will check to see if they have it. Its a condiment it seems. Like our Ketchup or hot sauce.

    • Sorry, have to say that I love nuts, popcorn and a lot of the other things mentioned, but fried eggs not so much, in or out of a sandwich. I may have told you before that my mother had some health issues when I was growing in, and my father would make breakfast.

      Well, he fried the bacon first, and then fried the eggs in the bacon grease at the same temperature. The result would be a black crust around the egg, and I would have a problem getting it down…so the only way I like eggs is scambled. To this day I don’t like regular fried eggs, or boiled eggs (that one I did to myself by eating about 16 full eggs with mayonise ie deviled eggs) at one sitting)

      I am weird about some foods….for example, I don’t like cheese sandwiches either, and peanut butter is ONLY eatable with crackers, never bread, With bread it is just too gummy..

      I told ya I was weird. 🙂

      • UNACCEPTABLE!!!!
        Alright…..I can let this slide cause I can see where you’re coming from. Your poor father couldn’t cook. Nothing wrong with using the bacon grease to cook the eggs…he just used the wrong temp. My mother use to poor the bacon grease into a can and she would scoop some out for frying potatoes or she would scoop some into a hot bowl of rice. Anyhow….I have had a crispy egg or two in my life.But not from my mother….she prides herself in being able to cook eggs perfectly. And I love boiled eggs. Especially when they are soft boiled. And I also love an egg salad sandwich which is hard to find anywhere. So….what were you doing eating 16 deviled eggs in one seating? Were they really REALLY delicious? Maybe you need to try a different kind of Deviled Egg to open your mind up to them again? There was a little place here that served their Deviled Eggs with spinach mixed in and bacon bits drizzled with balsamic vinegar.
        Now…about that peanut butter issue. I get it…..which is why I usually make a really crispy toast to put it on. I maybe have toast once a month….and if I am going to have toast I like to use the country French loaf where I have to slice my own pieces. That way I can cut it thick and toast it dark. I also use natural peanut butter or almond butter that I mix with maple syrup and I add chopped pecans and walnuts. You can also throw in some raisins or Craisins. So my peanut butter is thick and has texture with a bit of flavor with the maple. So burn your toast and spread some of this peanut/almond butter on it 🙂
        I don’t know about cheese sandwiches…..its been YEARS since I had one. I usually keep crackers on hand for those times I want cheese. But I love a good crispy grilled cheese ….I can’t pass up.
        Oh…back to eggs. You said you like scrambled eggs? Well….I learned from Jacque Pepin via his cooking show how to cook the perfect scrambled eggs. You start with butter in the pan……whip the eggs add salt n pepper and pour into the pan. You keep mixing it until it is almost cooked….and you add a scoop of sour scream and take off heat. Add more salt and pepper if needed and its beautiful and creamy.

        And you are not weird…..we all just have our food quirks. Well….maybe a little weird. You hold a grudge against food. Ha!

      • Ewww! Fried egg with a crusty edge is enough to put anyone off for life. . .what am I saying – it did, didn’t it?

        Eggs cooked like that usually mean they have spent too long in a hot pan and come out all rubbery and disgusting; no cigar for anyone who cooks like that. Cooking eggs is such a simple thing but like anything in the culinary world, there is an art to it. No broad brush strokes here – only fine detail.

        • Well, to give him the perfect out, he was cooking on an old wood stove so there wasn’t much way to change the temperature. But I am fine with scrambled eggs that don’t develop a crust, especially a black crust that sort of tastes like coffee grounds. 🙂

  • I can’t stop watching them. I envy these people who can live off the grid and grow their own food and hunt not only to survive but to make a living. I really would love a cabin way out there.

    And there are so […]

  • I found this Hulu series so fun and interesting. Padma explores the history of food in America. How almost everything we eat stems from another country. I said “almost” everything because she also visits Native […]

    • Just the clip made me hungry…shame on you. 😛

      • THATS one thing I don’t like about these shows… get cravings for what they are eating.
        But I am tempted to create a list of places to stop on road trips.

    • I ‘eat up’ most food/cookery shows on TV – especially the shows that deal with origins of ingredients. This show looks pretty cosmopolitan in its approach. Definitely something I would watch if it ever came over here.

      We have a show over here called “The Hairy Bikers.” Two men travelling around the world on motorbikes sampling and cooking the local cuisine. They’ve literally been everywhere and are always fun to watch.

      • I would love to watch that show. I wonder if it’s on Brit Box.
        I watched a show years ago that I absolutely enjoyed. Long Way Round….and Long Way Down …with Ewan McGregor and Charley Borman. They rode their motorbikes on these long trips …all recorded. I LOVED it. Not much about food though. But these motorcycle shows always appeal to me because I wanted to get one for YEARS and travel a bit here and there.

    • Yes. . .I saw that one too.

      And again. Yes, the Hairy Bikers are on Brit Box.

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