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    What is online gambling, how does it work and is it legal?

    1. What is online gambling?

    Also called internet gambling, or, online betting, is when people place real bets over the internet. […]

    • Thanks for sharing the info. Casinos and gambling intrigue me but I have never been a gambling man myself. I played blackjack – once – and won 5 pounds (UK) that was all. I have only ever won lottery tickets that gave me a free ticket (which always lost) and I did win a pair of tights (pantyhose) at a fair bingo game. That should tell you why I am not a gambling man. 🙂

  • Robert Roe wrote a new post, Pronouns 1 month ago

    White male, gay or other

    What are my pronouns?

    He, she, it, hey you

    I don’t really care.

    Call me what makes you comfie

    I really will be okay

    and I really don’t much care what country you call […]

    • Nice one. I feel the same. I can’t accept that I am supposed to apologize for being something that other’s have chosen to assign to me, even although I am not what they seem to think.

  • Robert Roe posted an update 1 month, 2 weeks ago

    @kassielassie, with America do your best and hope enough others do the same. See people as humans first and treat them with love indepent of their religion or politics. In the end, we will reap what we sow.

  • I’ve been writing erotic novels for decades. Some day I am going to get the energy together and publish them. But, until then, I will just enjoy editing them until they are perfect … or until I die […]

  • Benjamin Ogden answered to the question “Blog button1 month, 3 weeks ago

    Hello Robert! There is a ”+ New” option in the top of the web page. Click ”+ New” then ”Post” to create a new blog post. Welcome to thoughts!

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  • Here is another really moving youtube video put out by Omeleto. I am not going to make any comments, but listen to the video and think about why it is meaningful and any issues that come up. Yes, this is another […]

  • Robert Roe posted an update 2 months, 1 week ago

    Hi, does the “read” (past tense) and the unread label work on the notices? I have read the unread several times; or alternatively, I am experiencing time travel; it is hard to say.

    • The easiest answer is yes. If you click on the notice itself in your profile page it will take you directly to the comment. If you click on read it will remove the blue notification number (top right). If you click on unread it will make the notification reappear. Or you can click delete to remove it completely.

  • This place has a gentle intimate feeling. Because the crowd is often so thin, it often feels like we are in a personal relationship with the ONE other person that is going to visit this site on this day. It is […]

  • Two people are brought together as they both struggle with tragedy in their lives.  The man is coping with the slow death of his wife as cancer takes a part of her each month.  Losing his job as caretaker r […]

  • “We have to hurry, Helen.  You can finish your bagel in the car, I’ll grab you a banana,” I say trying to hurry her out the door.

    “My appointment is not for another thirty minutes, what’s the rush,” Hel […]

  • Ok, I am kind of stealing from someone who usually posts from this particular youtube channel on another site.  When she started using Omeleto I thought at first that it was all cartoon-type animation and while […]

    • Wow. What a good story!!! Leftthoughts, what about this story appealed to you? In my younger days, with my late-wife was alive, I had a few affairs. I am writing a novel, “The Merging” which is about one of those affairs (posting here although I am not sure its read). Yes, I loved the woman in the novel (met her here on thoughts.com) and it never seemed as bad as the “righteous judgment” about my affairs seemed to imply. My younger daughter and I have made peace about “the affairs”; she had trouble getting along with her mom so there is some sympathy. My older daughter and me can’t have that talk or understanding, at least not yet. My wife now knows I think of myself as poly and is okay with it … whole different story. Pardon the random comment; I feel like I should erase it and start over, but perhaps you can see the impact of this video on me more if I just leave this rambling mess of a comment. thank you for the post.

      Rrro (Robert)

      • Robert, I will try to get over and read some of your posts about your situation, but not at this moment. So forgive me if i forget and fail to do so. I can’t right now because it is almost 6AM and I just check to add another blog, of another video that I thought was worth sharing.

        Anyway, the part that appealed to me in this video is that the girl was in pain because after her mother died, her step-father, who apparently she had grown to love, disappeared from her life. Meanwhile, the stepfather thought about her, and missed her, but for whatever reason, he didn’t feel up to getting back in touch with her. Now, I am not sure right now, although watching again would likely remind me of what actually happen with the girl in terms of what her mothers death and her step father leaving resulted in, whether she went to a foster home or to grandparents, or maybe it doesn’t clarify.

        The point I working up is that now they have an opportunity to talk those issues out, and perhaps even build a relationship and both “get some healing of past trauma” as a result. I just found it a very poignant and moving story.

  • Haleluya. Orgasmic. Income taxes in envelop, ready to mail. A bottle of wine waits upstairs.

    • As a past employee, I’m glad that I never had to do my own tax calculations, but I could drink wine anytime I wanted to!

  • I can’t believe I can’t find his email, where did I put it? I know I asked him for it.   I can find his email address in the files somewhere.  What are you doing?  It’s his voice.  It’s soft and deep, and oh so g […]

  • I am sitting at home scanning an email from my son, picking out the questions to answer in my response.  

    So, dad, you mentioned a business trip.  Does this mean you might not be there much when I am th […]

  • Today was another typical day.  I took Helen in for her echocardiogram.  We haven’t heard back officially yet, but our read of the technician’s comment is that all is normal, the chemo has not yet affected Helen […]

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